Katherine Mitchell has been INTERVIEWED!!!

Katherine_Mitchell1.What’s your name? Where can we find you? Blog? Twitter? Facebook?

Katherine MK Mitchell

2. Other than writing, what is your favorite hobby or thing you enjoy for fun?

Tennis, champagne, lunch with friends, art exhibits, helping out the elderly.

3. How long have you been writing?  How many books have you written?  They don’t have to be published.

I have been writing all my life.  I started with poems and essays as a young student.  After taking a playwright course, my one-act play was selected for production as one of three in a summer showcase off-Broadway. Later, after reading and studying a great deal, I researched, developed and wrote I believe eleven screenplays, three of which were optioned by production companies.   During the same period of time I wrote and sold episodes to ongoing television series.  It was after leaving Hollywood and moving to Florida when I turned to the novel form.  Since 2011 I have researched, developed and co-published three women’s fiction novels.

4. What genres do you like writing the most? And why? Is this genre the same as the one you prefer to read?

I like reading and watching people stories, exciting, active fiction with a touch of mystery.  Historical novels especially interest me; how will the author handle the challenge of filling in the story while knowing the actual outcome.  I prefer reading high quality literary fiction and writing it.  The quality is becoming more and more important to me.

5. Are you currently writing anything now?  If so, tell us about it?  If not make something up.

I am working on my Memoir which is a difficult project.  I have to search inside myself and often remember things that I have already forgotten.  This will take a long time because I am also busy marketing my current novel, Shelby’s Way…Maybe.  It is so good but it is so much work, time away from writing.

6. How do you typically begin your projects?  Do you create outlines and character profiles or jump in head first with the initial idea?  Do you focus on just one at a time?Shelbys Way Cover

Jumping head first with the initial idea is totally amateur.  An initial idea needs depth, needs drama, needs emotions and direction and characters to develop these and other elements.  There can be areas of grey in the writer’s mind but there must be at least 80% of story continuity and 80% of character development established.  Otherwise, it will be a lot of rambling.  You should focus on one project at the time and while you can make notes about others, most importantly you have to serve the instant story and satisfy your reader.

7. What aspect of your writing do you consider your strength?  Your weakness?

I write great dialogue and surprising twists and turns and elements.  I have no specific weakness.  My concentration is on improving overall quality and making the story whole.  I am growing, becoming more interesting and daring to go deep in both story and character.  Clearly, each piece I write is better than the previous.

8. After publishing, the next trouble facing writers is marketing.  What do you typically do when marketing your novel? Do you have tips you would like to share?

If I knew what to do, I would be a bestseller.

9. What advice would you give a writer who is starting out?

Don’t talk about writing.  Do it.  I was always fascinated by law.  I have carefully balanced out the pros and cons between my interest in law and my need for writing.  My love of writing won.  But you are not a writer if you only talk about it.  I have added up the hours per day, per week, per month that it would take for me to go to law school while holding a full-time job.  Then I made myself take the same amount of time to write, to research, to study and write.  That’s when I had something to show.  I was a writer.

If you’d like to check out her book on Amazon follow the link below.

Shelby’s Way…Maybe: Listen to Your Heart and Find Your Way

Having the Barbarian’s Baby

BOOK 1: Ice Planet Barbarians  by  Ruby Dixon

BOOK 2: Barbarian Alien

BOOK 3: Barbarian Lover

BOOK 4: Barbarian Mine

BOOK 4.5: Ice Planet Holiday

BOOK 5: Barbarian’s Prize

BOOK 6: Barbarian’s Mate

Having the Barbarian’s Baby   description:

Megan’s ready to give birth, but she’s not ready to let her mate leave her side. When Cashol must go hunting to feed the tribe, they’re separated for the first time since resonance. Not a problem, except the baby’s ready to be born and there’s a storm brewing…

This is a short story set in the ICE PLANET BARBARIANS world. It does not stand alone, and is intended to be read after BARBARIAN’S MATE. It’s a little bit of sweetness for those that can’t get enough of the big blue aliens! Happy reading!

babyBOOK 6.5: Having the Barbarian’s Baby   5 STARS

This was a wonderful short story, and it just shows how great this series has been that you can’t help but love any piece about them. We get to see a bit of Megan and Cashol’s life, which was great since they didn’t get their own story, but have been characters that we’ve learned a little about along the way, and now get to see what makes them so great together. I really related to Megan, and knowing how it is to be a bit needy, and hating when your man has to go off for a bit. This showed more into how they work, and how the tribe is all there for each other and making sure they’re all able to survive in such a harsh environment. It was sweet, and rather heartwarming, and I can’t wait to read what happens next.


If you’d like to check out the book, follow the Amazon link below. Buying through the link helps you get a good book, and helps me keep the blog going.

Having the Barbarian’s Baby: Ice Planet Barbarians: A Slice of Life Short Story

Sea Glass

BOOK 1: Storm Glass  by  Maria V. Snyder

Sea Glass   description:

Like the colorful pieces of sea glass washed up on shore, Opal has weathered rough waters and twisting currents. But instead of finding a tranquil eddy, Opal is caught in a riptide. Her unique glass messengers which allow instant communication over vast distances have become a vital part of Sitian society. Once used solely by the Councilors and magicians, other powerful factions are now vying for control. Control of the messengers equals control of Sitia. Unfortunately that also means control of Opal. If that isn’t enough of a problem, Opal’s determination to prove blood magic is still being used is met with strong resistance. The Council doubts her, her mentor doubts her, and even her family is concerned. When her world is turned upside down, she begins to doubt herself. In the end, Opal must decide who to believe, who to trust, and who has control—otherwise she will shatter into a million pieces and be swept out by the tide.

sea glassBOOK 2: Sea Glass   4 STARS

This book definitely kept you guessing. Who is bad, and who is just being fooled? And how can you tell if someone is who they actually say they are with all this soul switching, or possibly just all lies. Opal changed a lot in this, and I’m not sure if it’s for the better. She’s not as sweet and trusting, which is good for survival, but is bad for dealing with friends. However, the mystery of why everyone is acting the way they are, and the plans behind it all really drove the book forward. The return of the regular characters are still remaining a great cast, though Devlen was ultimately my favorite part. He seems fine with whatever happens, and is just curious to see what Opal will do next. I hope he continues on in the next book, but really what Devlen brings to the story is the question of what makes a person bad. Without his powers he claims to no longer be power crazy, and honestly regrets all that he does, so is it the magic that makes the people bad or is it just the people? Which of course Janco keeps bringing up as well, should people fear magic? But also then there’s the trouble of people being driven by fear of things they don’t understand. Altogether, continuing to be a great series, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

If you’d like to check out the book just follow the Amazon link below. Buying through the link helps you get a good book, and helps me keep the blog going.😀

Sea Glass

Panic Attacks and Finger Painting

field of crazy

The other night I woke up at 3AM having a panic attack for no apparent reason. All day I had been feeling stressed and upset, though I can’t really say why, but I knew it was coming. My particular brand of panic attack includes pain shooting down my left arm, which if I can’t manage to relax results in twitching to severe muscle spasms. It’s painful, but more so it’s embarrassing for me, because there’s no hiding a twitching arm. Once it starts even after I’m completely calm I can’t get it to stop. Because of how much it sucks, once I have the slightest symptom I can stress out so bad about it possibly happening I can cause it to happen. However, it’s been years since I’ve had a full blown attack. Though I have had mild freak outs, that I’ve managed to either distracting myself in some way or by the absolute sweet and understanding nature of my husband managing to talk me down.

Last night though he was asleep and knowing he has to get up insanely early to do a rather physically demanding job, I hated the notion of waking him up, and my arm is twitching and I’m crying and freaking out. I did manage to calm down enough to think I should do something that I enjoy. I went to my art room, and usually when feeling like this I turn to the palette knife, I don’t know why but it just feels right during then, though the paintings are never that great in the end. However, right then even the knife wouldn’t do, I just splashed paint everywhere and dived in with a childlike enthusiasm of getting messy and feeling the squishy paint between my fingers. I call it Field of Crazy, and it was a lot of fun. Yet afterwards I broke down crying. The panic attack was gone, but the truth is I realized I couldn’t manage on my own. Sure I might go years between full blown attacks, but in between isn’t that great, and the constant fear I could freak out at any moment for really no reason at all is no way to live.

It’s ridiculous how much at times we can balk at the idea of needing to take medication for mental health issues. Always seems like we should be able to manage it on our own, especially when you do have a great life that you should be perfectly happy in. But that’s stupid, because any other health problem we take the meds without a second thought. I take fish oil every night for my cholesterol, and Nexium every morning for heart burn. And if I can’t manage to eat well enough to possibly lower my cholesterol or get rid of heart burn, which there’s a likely chance I could actually manage on my own, then how can I expect myself to somehow manage the chemicals in my brain that cause these issues? The fact is I can’t, I don’t believe anyone can, and so I shouldn’t feel ashamed of taking medication. It’s not a failing on my part, it’s a medical condition that I just got stuck with, and I should be happy that there are meds that make it better.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

A while ago my parents got lost out in the middle of nowhere when my dad’s Jeep bottomed out in the mud. It took hours for anyone to find them, but afterwards my dad told me, “If you’re ever going to get lost, get lost with your mom, because she never stops trying.” He told me of how much she did to try and get their jeep unstuck, and to find something to help the Rangers find them. But as exciting (and a little scary) as that story was to hear, it wasn’t that surprising to hear about how great my mom was. She’s always been that way. No matter the situation she never stops trying to do whatever she can to help others, and of course to be the most amazing mom there is.

Growing up we didn’t have much, my dad is disabled and my mom was a self employed seamstress. But man she could make anything. And while we couldn’t afford much, my mom always made sure to decorate our rooms to make them fit us perfectly. The way she could make cheap fabric look like a million bucks, I wish I had paid more attention because I can barely stitch in a straight line. It may not seem like much, but for someone like me where my surroundings influence my creativity, and I need a spot that’s all mine, it meant the world. She and I have rarely been on the same page, our likes and interests don’t line up much, but it didn’t matter. I wanted my room done in sun and moons, well she made it a veritable place in the stars. She taught me that you don’t have to have the nicest things to make your home amazing, and I try and channel that wherever I go.

She even made my prom dress. I mean how many people can say they went to prom in a tailored dress that was made to their specifications, and definitely stood out from the pack. It’s hard to really think of myself as having been poor when I swear my stuff was way cooler than anyone else’s. And while she didn’t make my wedding dress, she did make my wedding memorable. It’s hard to plan a wedding for Georgia when you’re living in Alaska, but she included me in everything, and made it the perfect day. From the giant daisies, to the cake that looked like it came from a Dr. Seuss story, and I mean that in a good way. Not the traditional wedding by any means, but she never blinked an eye, just made sure I was happy.

Of course now she’s gone back to school and become the best nurse you’ll ever meet. Sweet and kind and caring and works harder than well anyone should ever work. But she can’t help herself; she wants to make everyone around her feel better, sometimes to her own detriment. Which of course made it really hard for me to ever complain about my work load in college, or about anything really knowing how much she’s accomplished. She’s someone to which there’s no comparison, and while I’m sure everyone feels that way about their mom, for mine there’s no room for argument.

Right now I don’t have kids, and sometimes the idea of having them makes me really nervous. I’m not sure what kind of mom I’ll end up being, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never be as great as my own mother, but I’m definitely going to try.

Ice Kissed

BOOK 1: Frostfire  by  Amanda Hocking

Ice Kissed    description:

In the majestic halls of a crystal palace lies a secret that could destroy an entire kingdom…

Bryn Aven refuses to give up on her dream of serving the kingdom she loves. It’s a dream that brings her to a whole new realm…and the glittering palace of the Skojare.

The Skojare people need protection from the same brutal enemy that’s been threatening the Kanin, and Bryn is there to help. Being half Skojare herself, it’s also a chance for her to learn more about her lost heritage. Her boss, Ridley Dresden, is overseeing her mission, but as their undeniable attraction heats up, their relationship is about to reach a whole new level—one neither of them is prepared for.

As they delve deeper into the Skojare world, they begin to unravel a long-hidden secret. The dark truth about her own beloved Kanin kingdom is about to come to light, and it will change her place in it forever…and threaten everyone she loves.

ice kissedBOOK 2: Ice Kissed   4 STARS

It had been so long since I read the first book it took me a little bit to remember everything and get into it, and I eventually went back to the first book and looked over it to remember, so yeah never a good idea to go that long between books. I like how Bryn is evolving, and beginning to see her world in a new way. Realizing that being the person who is completely loyal to the kingdom can mean going against what you feel is morally right. She begins to see how even the best of people may do the wrong things just because they’re ordered too. It’s great to see so much of the Skojare and Kanin, and how the rules and standards so often make the people there feel trapped, and pushed to lie and sneak around. Plus the romantic angle is truly sweet. Not just Bryn and Ridley, who are getting to be great, but even Tilda and Kasper’s relationship gives a good reflection against Bryn’s views to see and change how she approaches love.

If you’d like to check out this book on Amazon follow the link below. Buying through the link helps you get a good book, and helps me keep the blog going.😀

Ice Kissed (The Kanin Chronicles)

Allyson Lindt has been INTERVIEWED!!!

  1. What’s your name? Where can we find you? Blog? Twitter? Facebook?

A: Hallo! I’m Allyson Lindt. You can find me at allysonlindt.com. You can also find me on Twitter, I’m @AllysonLindt and on Facebook under https://www.facebook.com/AllysonLindt

  1. Other than writing, what is your favorite hobby or thing you enjoy for fun?

A: Tough question. So many things, like reading, trying new cookie recipes (making and eating). But I guess if I have to pick one, it’d be gaming. I love console role playing games, especially the old JRPG’s (Final Fantasy, anyone? J )

  1. How long have you been writing? How many books have you written? They don’t have to be published.

A: I’ve been writing since I was six. My first book was about two pages long, about a girl who was saving up to buy a horse. I’ve been doing it seriously (honing my craft, learning about publishing, things like that) for about eight years. In that time I’ve written… 22 books I think? (Some of them were novella length though).

  1. What genres do you like writing the most? And why? Is this genre the same as the one you prefer to read?

A: I love writing contemporary romance, especially office romances. And urban fantasy. Setting magical creatures to deal with modern life is so much fun. My favorite genre to read is urban fantasy, especially if it has a unique twist on angels, demons, and gods.

  1. Are you currently writing anything now? If so tell us about it? If not make something up…UrielsDescentCover_AllysonLindt

A: *laughs* I always have a project in the wings. Right now I’m wrapping up Ubiquity Book 2, Uriel’s Betrayal. If I say too much, it spoils Uriel’s Descent, but the tagline for the book is The Eternal Struggle Between Heaven and Hell has gone Corporate. It’s got new angels and demons, as well as the return of Lucifer, Michael, and Uriel, from Book 1.

  1. How do you typically begin your projects? Do you create outlines and character profiles or jump in head first with the initial idea? And do you focus on just one at a time?

A: I start with a really rough outline. I know where the story starts, and what happens in the middle, and sometimes have a rough idea of where it ends. I usually know a little about the characters, but not as much as I’d like. I tend to figure that out as I go along. The plot always changes from what I planned as I write. I write most of my books in dual POV, part hero and part heroine, so I’m in both their heads from the start.

  1. What aspect of your writing do you consider your strength? Your weakness?

A: I think one of my biggest strengths in writing is catchy dialogue and finding characters who have the chemistry to pull it off. On the opposite side of the coin, one of my biggest weaknesses is understanding my characters’ motivations.

  1. After publishing, the next trouble facing writers is marketing. What do you typically do when marketing your novel? Do you have tips you’d like to share?

A: When I started out, I had no idea how to do marketing. I was so frustrated, because it felt like I spent so much time spinning my wheels. Since then I’ve figured out a few things that work for me. Paid newsletter advertising is the best paid advertising I’ve found. Not all of them are built the same, but keep track of who you pay and which spots show results, and move on from the ones that aren’t working.

  1. What advice would you give a writer who is starting out?

A: Always be working on your next project. Write another book, and when possible build series in the same genre. Appreciate your readers. Even if the list starts small and grows, always remember readers are awesome and deserve your love.

The Ten Year Reunion

The Ten Year Reunion  by  T.S. Krupa  description:

Ten years ago, Danielle ‘Dani’ Jackson graduated from Coastal State University in Wilmington, North Carolina and left her heartache behind –for what she thought was forever.  Now a promising pediatric surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital she is invited back for her college reunion. With the encouragement from her best friend, Dani begrudgingly goes back and faces her past – the death of her friend and her broken heart from Jake Dillon, her first love. During her trip she revisits the four years she spent at CSU. Her applying to CSU defied her father and the ‘perfect’ plan he had for her which was to attend an Ivy League school before medical school but Dani had other plans. She traded in her father’s dream for an institution with sandy beaches, soccer and one that made her feel at home. Dani never questioned the decision- she knew she was right but she didn’t know was how hard growing up was going to be.

At the reunion she is reconnected with her friends Adeline ‘Addie’ Smith and Colleen ‘Callie’ Schumaker.  The girls met freshman year under Addie’s tenacity and quickly became inseparable but since graduation they have started to drift apart. The weekend is only further complicated when Jake shows up. Together they all realize that life has been hard on everyone and no one’s life has been perfect. The reunion weekend gives them the time to deal with the past and an opportunity for a second chance – for each of them.

10yr reunionThe Ten Year Reunion   3 STARS

This book was a little more serious than I prefer, but it had its’ sweet and even fun moments that made it well worth the read. Since it’s told in first person through Dani’s point of view, you get to go through the journey with her as she faces the past she’s been hiding from. I especially liked that it begins in the present, leading up to her reunion, and you get hints and pieces so you know something tragic happened in college and you can kind of figure out what it was beforehand. However, right when it gets to a pivotal moment, part 2 begins which takes us back to college with Dani, and we get to live through those events that have shaped her life. It added to the story that Krupa didn’t feel like she had to do the story in chronological order, and that she didn’t just try to do a bunch of flashbacks to get the picture. It really did a lot to make the book one that drew you into the situation, and make the growth of the characters that much more meaningful. All the characters were a good set to help move the story along. My problem though is with Krupa’s writing style. It felt very stilted in the way that she told the story, and lacking that little something that makes it feel alive.

If you’d like to go to Amazon to get the book follow the link below. Buying through the link helps you get a good book, and helps me keep the blog going.

The Ten Year Reunion

In Harm’s Way COVER REVEAL!!!

harms way

In Harm’s Way  by  M. H. Snowy

Coming June 1st, 2016

Nightmares or waking dreams? Only the keeper of the Legend knows…and it’s up to him to keep them from Harm!

By day, Jeffery is the best friend of Montague the magician. By night, he’s the powerful warrior, Harm, The Legend, who leads a band of Berserkers—ridding the land of evil while saving villages by the score. Only Montague knows the villagers also have to cough up a hefty pouch of coin for the privilege of being rescued!

All Jeffery knows is he has no memory of any battle he fights. Under the Spirit of Lohocla, he awakens the morning after the battle barely able to think for the pain in his skull and the lethargy in his body. The more Jeffery tries to discover his lost memories, the vaguer Montague becomes until it’s too late not to tell the truth—at least part of it. But how could Jeffery ever imagine his entire life may be smoke and mirrors…just ephemeral fragments of dreams?

IN HARM’S WAY– enter a world of magic, mayhem, and mystery you may never be able to leave…if the Spirit of Lohocla captures you in its embrace!

Available for preorder at Amazon just follow the link below.

In Harm’s Way: The truth must be kept from Harm!

Marriage is as Boring as Installing a Light Fixture

This past Saturday was my 5th wedding anniversary, and the sad thing was my husband and I weren’t even in the same state for half of it, but it was nice when he got back home. However, instead of doing some great celebration on Sunday to make up for it we found ourselves at Lowes looking for a new light fixture for the kitchen, because unfortunately instead of just a blown light bulb the whole thing was broken. So we find this really cool LED one with brushed silver trappings to match the rest of the stuff in our kitchen. Pretty exciting stuff I know.

So we get it home and get the old one down, not too difficult, and then we get to plugging the new one in. Easy peasy lemon oh my god what hell have we gotten ourselves into?!? The main problem was that this one was set up to be flush with the ceiling and all the wiring shoved up in the hole, so you had to pigtail the wiring before you could screw in the back to the ceiling, which means someone has to stand on a ladder and hold it up while someone else on another ladder does the wiring. Of course I’m stuck holding it up with my pitifully weak arms and my horrible fear of heights just making it so much fun. And the wiring didn’t want to pigtail and my arms gave out the first time. Down we go, and then the hubby comes up with a good idea of half way screwing in one side while I hold up the other end with a broom handle, but it ended up the screws just wouldn’t hold up like that. So once more I decide to suck it up and climb the ladder, but sadly I’m just not tall enough when I’m on the shorter ladder, and the taller ladder needed to be for the one doing the wiring.

It’s getting rough and I’m thinking that our marriage is gonna fall apart over a stupid light fixture and everyone is getting frustrated and angry and just not having any of it. Then, upon remembering I have been in a wiring class and pigtailing ain’t rocket science, though kind of an unfair comparison cause it sure isn’t just doodling in a coloring book either, I chose to go up even further into my fear of heights knowing that my husband will be there beside me to catch me in case I fall while also managing to hold up the fixture. After several failed attempts the wiring goes in, then the back gets screwed into the ceiling, and the cover after being an evil and horribly designed pain in the butt gets on so that our kitchen finally has light. Blindingly bright LED light.

My point to this story is that it’s kind of boring. I was thinking about it afterwards, and how I’ve read post and heard from people (usually single) that they think marriage is supposed to be full of passion and excitement, that it should be like those silly romance novels you can’t help but love. But it’s really just one day after the next of mundane activities and exciting stories that sound boring to everyone else, but they’re exciting to me. Because no matter what it is we’re doing, or even when we’re not even in the same state, we’re in it together. What happens to one of us affects both of us and that’s exhilarating. I have someone that I can share the mundane and the exciting with, who wants to be there for me no matter what, and that’s what real love is. Non stop passion would just be exhausting, but interesting tasks to laugh over later how overblown and insane they get, that’s the kind of life I’m enjoying, and I can’t wait to see what the years to come will bring.