A girl named George

0014 George Dog enh jpeg

I felt the need to post something and with nothing better to talk about I figured I’d introduce the world to the cutest and softest dog ever (seriously, I kind of understand Cruella Deville now, I wouldn’t mind a coat as soft as my doggies fur). Meet George. And yes I knew she was a girl when I named her. She doesn’t seem to mind the name, in fact it fits her quite well. If you are at all familiar with the Bugs Bunny cartoons you may remember the line often used, “I’m gonna love you and hug you and name you George.” I always said if I got a dog I would name it George and well there you go. Honestly I think it’s much better than Sofia, what her previous owner had called her. Sofia just isn’t a name for a dog. So here she is 3 years later, spoiled rotten and as adorable as ever.

By the way, my dad was upset the last time I posted one of his pics and didn’t mention him taking it. So I might as well say any picture I post on here, odds are it was taken by my dad. Including my cover art. He is an amazing photographer with an eye for capturing mundane, every day things and turning them into something beautiful that you’d actually want to hang on your wall. I sadly did not get this talent. C’est la vie


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