Twinkle Twinkle Confusing Stars

Okay I might as well say I love writing reviews for just about anything but mostly I love to for books. I have an account on and I do my best to write a review for every book I read but sometimes I’m just not so sure what to do about the stars. I mean 5 stars should be an amazing book and 1 star should just be terrible. Now I’ve only ever once given out a 1 star review because lots of times if I don’t like a book it’s mainly just me, not my kind of story or what not, and I don’t want to give bad ratings for such and so I usually just won’t write a review. But for the one book I did give 1 star to it honestly didn’t even deserve that star. It deserved a negative star, the anti-star. It was horrible and so I had to warn the public. But when it comes to good books I sometimes have trouble rating them.

Let’s say I read a good book, well it was only good so I suppose that’s 3 stars. Then I read a book that had me laughing the whole time, well just because it’s funny as all get out does that mean it deserves 5? Then again a book that’s not that funny but has a more profound meaning and really makes you think, that should be a 5 too. Then I feel weird about giving a book that was simply extremely funny the same rating as a book that had a lot of thought provoking views. Should I change the star of the other? And like I’ve said before, I love romance novels but for the most part if you’ve read one you’ve read them all so does that mean that they should never get 5 stars because I’m already 90% sure of how it’s going to end before I even get through the first chapter. And what really bothers me is if you hover over the 5th star on goodreads it’ll pop up saying “it was amazing” and the 4th star is just “I really liked it”. But I tend to love the majority of the books I read. And so I’ll actually start going through and re-starring stuff as I second guess myself.

The whole point of this is that, well, the star system is about as hard to really figure out as the ‘how bad is your pain’ chart at the doctors. And so it really all comes down to what you write, and though I’ve just given books stars with no review before I try not too. The ones I have are books I read so long ago it would be difficult to write a truly good and accurate review. But it always bugs me when I look at the reviews for books and most people just put the stars. What do those stars really mean with no words behind them. Maybe the reason you gave it 5 stars would be a reason I wouldn’t want to read it. I’ve read people’s 1 star reviews and their reasoning for such was so ridiculous that I dismissed the review as unimportant. Namely when people read young adult books and then complain because it wasn’t adult enough for them. No dur, it’s young adult.

More so if anyone knows of a true reasoning behind the stars that would make rating easier, please let me know. I’d appreciate it


2 thoughts on “Twinkle Twinkle Confusing Stars

  1. Like you, I do try to leave a review for the books I have read on goodreads. The stars are a rating and it is your opinion of the time. I have read some books where I really loved the book and it kept me turning pages and 5 stars, no problem. While some were good, but not a page turner, I would go for 3-4 stars. The main part is be honest with yourself and how you felt as you read the book and what you are saying in the review.


    • I know, I just tend to 2nd guess myself too much from one book to the next, I think my main problem is consistency… you know I could read one book that’s good compared to other books I’ve been reading and so I just give it a 3 but then later read a similar book but just cause it’s way better than the latest books I’ve read it ends up with a 4 or 5… I guess in the end if I’m writing a review along with it then they don’t matter too much…


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