Christmas Spirit

While getting in the Christmas Spirit I’d like to share with you one of my favorite quotes

“I wear the chain I forged in life….I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.”

–Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Now this may not sound very Christmasy, even if it is from one of the most famous Christmas stories of all time, but I think it’s a very important quote. It’s talking about not just being in good Christmas spirits one time a year but being a good person all year long. Lately I’ve heard from several different people how Christmas is just a rush to get presents for everyone and that it’s ridiculous because as a Christian holiday, this wasn’t even when Jesus was born. No duh to the last part. But these are people who seem to have completely forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

First of all, Christmas wasn’t picked for this time of year at random. They weren’t like oh Dec 25th, that’s a good time to have a party. Originally it was the time of year for what seems to be a few pagan holidays, the winter solstice, as well as the birth of the unconquered sun. But when Christianity was spreading they took those holidays and turned it into their celebration of when Jesus brought the light into the world, because after this date the days begin to slowly get longer. So there, it may not be the birth of Jesus but it is a beautiful symbolism of when he did come into this world.

It doesn’t matter what your religion is, though, this is a time of year where you can believe there’s still a little magic in the world and random acts of kindness doesn’t seem so odd. People get caught up in the mad rush for gifts, but why buy those gifts at all if you don’t remember what it’s for. And it’s not because well that’s what we do at this time of year. It’s the joy of giving. The happiness that comes when people are shredding the wrappers and oohing and ahhing over all that they got, but more so it’s the happiness of being with your family and having a merry time. Honestly my favorite part is just shredding the wrapping paper, the box could be empty but the fun of tearing through to who-knows-what inside is the fun part. My husband actually tends to wrap my gifts in several layers, though I think that’s more to keep me from peeking.

Then New Years comes and maybe there’s a party, maybe you make a New Year’s resolution you never intend to keep and then comes January 3rd or perhaps the 4th… and everything is the same again. No more merriment, no more peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind. It’s like none of it ever happened. So if you’re going to make a resolution, why not make it to hold on to that merriment for a little while longer, hold up the Christmas Spirit that shouldn’t be trapped in just one month. What a wonder it would be if we could do just that.

But if that just seems too impossible, and it just won’t work, I hope you remember the real joy of Dec 25th and I’m happy that the world can be merry for at least a little while.



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