What’s in a pen name…

Many authors have had pen names but for Jayne Ann Krentz one isn’t enough, you’d also have to look under Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick to find all her books. But it’s worth the extra effort to enjoy such good writing. Just yesterday I couldn’t find anything worth reading, so let down that nothing sounded good, and then I saw there sitting on the unread shelf of my house The Burning Lamp by Amanda Quick… the day was saved.

I’m still in the middle of the book but it’s just as amazing as all the others and I see another 4 stars gleaming in the future for that review. But I’d like to just say in general that Krentz has to be one of the best authors I’ve read. And it doesn’t matter if it’s her more paranormal books, such as the Arcane society series, or her romance/mystery, like her Eclipse Bay novels… they’re all amazing. For one her books are never just a plain old romance, something happens, something is up, and it’s left to the main characters to uncover the truth no matter what. And I don’t know about you but when I hear paranormal these days I automatically think vampire and werewolves, do not make this mistake. Her Arcane Society novels are about the psychic nature of mankind. I’m not talking about fortune tellers looking into a glass ball, but real psychics with the ability to see your aura, or see the taint of evil left behind, to be able to put you to sleep or give you nightmares, or just be really good with statistics. There is such a variety of abilities and adventures that it would take forever to list them all. Not only is that time consuming, but why ruin the fun of discovering such things on your own.

Another thing I love about her books is that so far I haven’t found any series by her that you really need to read in a certain order. You can go just pick any book of hers off the shelf and love it no matter if you’ve read any others by her. Each book has different main characters though from what I can tell all her books from any series are often tied to each other. Characters from other books will pop up and to be honest it’s all quite fun. In one book, the quirky character may just be a crazy paranoid old lady named Arizona Snow, while in the next book you see she just had special abilities that regular folks can’t understand and maybe she doesn’t quite understand to well herself. Like I said, a wonderful author who continues to deliver only the very best with each book I read. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous because every time I praise an author like this they somehow let me down with the next book. But I also seriously doubt that will happen here.

As I’ve said before if you’d like to see any of the reviews I’ve written you can check me out on goodreads.


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