DEMONS FOREVER!!! and then some

I have to say I’m excited today, not because it could be my last day on earth, but if it is then at least Sarra Cannon finished the final book, Demons Forever, in her Peachville High Demons series just in time. This is a series I have loved from start to finish, and it may be in part because it was based in Georgia, land of my raising, or it could be because of the romantic angle between 2 people who are forbidden to be together, but I think it’s because it’s completely original and awesome that there is basically a war brewing between cheerleaders and demons. Who ever said cheer leading was just pom poms and cart wheels don’t even know the half of it.

Sadly as I looked at my goodreads reviews I see that I didn’t actually write a review for any of the books, I have let myself down. I read the first ones a while back and though I remember them well I can not in good conscience write a review for them now. All I can say is that they were all apparently 4-5 star material because I at least put that in. The books really are amazing and fun and exciting and there are twists and turns with every story. I found myself constantly surprised and drawn in looking to see what would happen next. I can tell you one thing, nothing is what it seems.

Truly wonderful writing and I’m sad that the series has to come to an end. But as I always say it’s better for them to end well than to drag on and lose the edge we all love.

If you find yourself curious just look for this cover, and have fun reading…



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