think think think think think think and… nothing…

I have been struggling to write my next book for the last couple of days and have managed 1 whole paragraph. Better than nothing I suppose but I’m feeling quite lost. I know where they are and I know where they’re going but I have no idea how they’re going to get there. Honestly I wish I wasn’t so sure where they’re going. In the past I’ve found that when the ending is still a mystery to me it’s much easier to write the story. It’s like if you’re in a new town and have no where to go and nothing to do when you get there, then it’s cool to just drive around and see the sites and take it all in. But right now it’s like I have an appointment at a certain time and I’m going somewhere that Google map can’t even find and it’s slowly driving me crazy. And I’m not saying that what I have in mind for the ending will be what it has to be, I don’t mind changing and I’m sure it will to some degree or another but because I have such a great idea I can’t help but want to use it and to be honest it’s just weighing me down. I kind of feel like shouting

BE GONE ENDING!!! I go where I please…

But that’s just crazy talk and so I’m over here staring at the tiny words on my screen hoping for inspiration… C’est la vie


2 thoughts on “think think think think think think and… nothing…

  1. I hear you. I’ve been having similar problems over here. All I can suggest (and I don’t know how helpful this is, as inspiration has yet to strike me) is to take some time off. Try to relax and breathe and know that it will come — when it’s ready to.


    • i know but as you probably have already noticed from my constant rants… i’m not a patient person… i want it all and i want it now… but i do take time off… i’ll go a few days until i think there’s hope and then i look at my book and if nothing comes then oh well… just wish there was a short cut or an easy way you know… i guess all good things to those who wait would apply here… 😀


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