THE AVENGERS!!! no the other ones…


Maybe I just have an affinity for quirky movies but I happen to like the completely unloved movie, The Avengers. And no, I’m not talking about superheroes, unless you count Sean Connery’s amazing ability to still be awesome while playing a slightly creepy bad guy. Now I know this movie isn’t some gem that got overlooked. No, it is in fact cheesy to the point of downright silliness and doesn’t even make that much sense. I can’t even say why I like it but that it makes me smile and I love English accents. Of course after reading up on the making of the movie it turns out that before the actual release they removed several key scenes which would explain why pretty much nothing is explained and one moment they go from wondering who the bad guy is to suddenly battling Sean Connery to the death. What I like the most are some of the quick wit and odd conversations. What can I say? I’m a sucker for word play. Of course after watching the trailer for this movie I can see why no one wanted to see it even before it was publically recognized as being terrible. It was even sillier than the movie itself. But hey, everything has its place and sitting here a little under the weather I’m quite enjoying this rather bizarre movie.


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