Attention Deficit Disorder

So I’m going to college to be a librarian because I love books and I love to read. I’ve even gotten to volunteer in the library doing various jobs and I’m loving it. But I’m realizing something I’ve pretty much known all along… I have the attention span of a small rodent. As you can imagine in working towards a degree in English (because I need a bachelors degree before I can work on a Master’s in Library Science) there is a lot of required reading. And it really isn’t all bad but being forced to read one story after the next, stories I probably would never have chosen to read on a Saturday afternoon, has got my mind a drifting and I find I’ve read a whole page and can’t remember any of it. This is so sad. I feel like I’m a failure as a librarian. Although I know not all books are for everyone, I still feel as a person who wants to be surrounded by every book known to man I should do a little bit better job at reading these stories. Like I said they’re not bad… but I’ve discovered the love of Adventure Time and I kind of need to clean my house… and so forcing myself to read just isn’t working out so well. I don’t know why I’m sharing this with the world but… well… I’m really just doing whatever I can to put off reading another story. Worst Librarian Ever!


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