A Good Day to Fail Hard…

die hardI guess it’s just a weekend for movies for me and I was surprised, the movie I wasn’t really sure about, Beautiful Creatures, was awesome… and the movie I’ve been dying to see, A Good Day to Die Hard… failed

Now as someone who has loved the Die Hard movies (not the 2nd one so much) and thinks Bruce Willis is the sexxiest man alive (not even kidding) I was deeply disappointed in this new Die Hard movie. It just didn’t have a Die Hard vibe about it at all. First of all, he never once even said Yippee Ki-yay… that’s like his tag line for these movies. Then the whole story was a little sketchy. You never really get the whole picture… even at the end when you’ve gone through all the twists and turns you still never feel like you know what the hell is really happening. Apparently there’s this really bad guy and taking him down is important to our National Security… why… we don’t even know… apparently they don’t either because when it’s all said in done it seems like everyone was in the dark. Also it kind of felt like a failed spy movie that they stuck Bruce Willis in and slapped the name Die Hard on it just to fool you into watching it.

Altogether, I’m not saying it was absolutely horrible… there is a lot of good action scenes… and at least you have Bruce Willis to oggle… but none of it felt real. The whole thing between him and his son was a little weak… my main thing is I wouldn’t waste the money to see it in theaters…

Oh well, at least there’s still RED 2 to look forward too… and if you haven’t seen anything about RED 2 I will give you that trailer now because that’s something that still leaves me with a little ray of hope…


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