Do you have a “soul”?

Since The Host by Stephenie Meyer is about to be turned into a movie I figured I should throw out a review for the book…


Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. Earth has been invaded by a species that takes over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact, and most of humanity has succumbed.

Wanderer, the invading “soul” who has been given Melanie’s body, knew about the challenges of living inside a human: the overwhelming emotions, the too vivid memories. But there was one difficulty Wanderer didn’t expect: the former tenant of her body refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.

Melanie fills Wanderer’s thoughts with visions of the man Melanie loves – Jared, a human who still lives in hiding. Unable to separate herself from her body’s desires, Wanderer yearns for a man she’s never met. As outside forces make Wanderer and Melanie unwilling allies, they set off to search for the man they both love.

Featuring what may be the first love triangle involving only two bodies, The Host is a riveting and unforgettable novel that will bring a vast new readership to one of the most compelling writers of our time.


BOOK 1: The Host          4 STARS

Now I know that there are Twilight fans out there and those that hate Twilight with a vengeance… but I was surprised it seems that not many people seemed to have gone from Twilight to The Host… Personally I liked this book more and no matter your feelings for Twilight this is definitely a whole other story and not really one to be compared to Meyer’s previous books… and though there’s only one book out for this series she did say she would write more so I called this as book 1

This book is amazing… i think of this as a true love story where someone really does just love the person’s soul… plus it’s an awesome point of view from the aliens… and even though the idea is been done before with aliens taking over our bodies i still find this rather original in it’s take on why they would do such things and how they feel about the bodies they take over… this isn’t your normal end of the world, humans fighting for their freedom… this isn’t even really good verses evil… it’s more seeing the world through another’s eyes… it’s a rather trippy book in it’s way because it’s first person through Wanderer’s view but Melanie is still in her head fighting and arguing even as Wanderer tries to hide that she may not be in full control of this body… it’s exciting and sweet and you really can’t guess what might happen next…


4 thoughts on “Do you have a “soul”?

  1. It’s good to get some info on the book. I plan on doing a review of the film when it eventually comes out.
    You say the story is different from Twilight and it definitely seems to be, but what did you think of the characters in this one if you don’t mind my asking? Different or similar?


    • that is kind of hard to answer because the stories are so different i would say definitely different… but it kind of depends on which main character you’re talking about… Melanie or Wanderer(Wanda)… because they’re different personalities but they’re inhabiting the same body… I think of Bella as a lovesick teenager who is basically obsessed with Edward… the whole story of Twilight revolves around a relationship one might say shouldn’t happen… this is actually more about the relationship between Melanie and Wanda which i guess would be one that shouldn’t happen… a human and a the alien taking her over… Melanie is a fight to the end… even when she’s taken over by Wanda she doesn’t shut up she keeps fighting and has an extremely strong personality… the surprising thing about this book is the aliens are rather meek… they don’t believe in fighting or arguing… Wanda almost seems like a push over and is driven my memories from Melanie to do what she does… but i guess in some ways Wanda could be seen like Bella… but you’d really have to be looking for it… i think my main thing was that when reading The Host I was never reminded of Twilight…


  2. Thanks for the reply! Yeah that helps, I never got into the Twilight craze tbh, found it quite dull. But I do like the idea of exploring the relationship between parasite and host. Not something we see often. Let’s hope the film is good!


    • yeah… hope they got people that can actually act this time… 😀
      but in case it sucks… hope you’ll read the book before hand… because i know it’ll be hard for them to really bring across everything that was in the book…


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