The Ending is Not the End…

The Chosen Soul by Heather Killough-Walden      description:

It was a dark and stormy night when the Stranger came to call. Sarah Grey’s second child was breached; the twin was going to die.

The Stranger offered help.

Twenty years later, Raven Grey, the second twin born on that fated night, is now an extraordinarily beautiful woman. With a gift.

But what is the price to pay for that gift?

If Raven and her brother can not escape the handsome and powerful elf prince, outwit the dark and dangerous bounty hunter, and defeat the ancient, mighty Death Mage – Raven is sure to learn just what that price is.

And pay dearly


BOOK 1: The Chosen Soul      4 STARS

this book was awesome… she did a great job introducing you to a whole other world full of different races of creatures and devils and gods… without wasting time explaining about it… she wrote it in a way that you just understood what was going on… i loved it… the only thing is if you’ve read other books by her then you might have noticed she sure doesn’t mind having her main character have the crap beat out of them and some dirty junk happen… i think this story was good… i’ve loved all her books so far… and i can’t wait for the next book to come out…

If you read some other reviews about this book… which I believe were mostly written before the 2nd book came out… they seem very mad about the ending…. the reviews aren’t exactly wrong… in the end she does seem to kinda give up but after everything she goes through i’d be like yeah anything to just get a good nights sleep… And I guess my main problem with those reviews is they’re acting like that was just the end and it was obviously not the end because so much is left hanging there had to be a 2nd book… but also it’s like the ending made a lot of sense all things considered… in reality a person can only go non-stop for so long… people wear out… and to get mad at book for having an ending like this just didn’t seem reasonable all things considered… so if you do come across such reviews… please don’t let it talk you out of reading this series… which is incredibly good…


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