For All You Crazy Creative People

you should check out this blog post

When I read this post talking about how most creative people are a little extreme… possibly dramatic… maybe a little depressed… and well still awesome and not alone in the world… it just made me feel better… well… about me… and I figured I’d share it with the rest of you…

I’ll admit I suffer from depression (though I am happy to say that it is for the most part under control now and I am living a rather happy life) and this article is right in part because I can sit there and imagine every scenario of what could possibly go wrong… I’ve literally thought myself into a panic attack before… I’m just there, thinking of everything from actually likely to happen to more often will never happen even if I live to be a million years old… Everything to me has a story, a possibility… and it never stops… I also have a little trouble with insomnia due to this… I lay awake and sometimes all I’m doing is replaying a movie I just watched… I’m thinking about everything that happened in that movie for no apparent reason… then other times I have non-stop ideas for stories… a few are really good… others are pretty stupid… and with that I’ve learned the best thing I can do is get up, grab the pen and notebook that’s always next to my bed, sneak into the bathroom and crouch next to the tub (this is so I don’t wake up my husband who is very supportive of my creativity but doesn’t like a light suddenly being switched on in the middle of the night) and jot down all the ideas I have until they run out…

And with my bathroom scribbles, and endless craziness in my head… I have to admit… I worry about my sanity sometimes… then again my whole family is a little crazy, so there’s a lot of reasons for me to worry about my sanity 😀 … but these blog posts that I’ve come across have really helped reassure me that though I may in fact be insane, I’m at least not alone in the world… there are other crazy people teetering on the edge of great discovery and a one way trip to a straight jacket… it’s all good, indeed…

(The other blog possibly may have nothing to do with anything I just wrote about but I felt it needed to be said… and shared… I feel better and that’s all that really matters…)


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