Devil on My Back

Back to one of my favorite authors, Monica Hughes, someone I wish had written more books because they’re all so different and good and even usually have a good message… hard to find now a days…

Devil on My Back by Monica Hughes      description:

When the slaves rebel against the rigid social order imposed on the colony by the all-controlling computer, Tomi, the son of the colony Overlord manages to escape beyond the computer’s reach and discovers what it is like to be free.

devilBOOK 1: Devil on My Back        4 STARS

First off I’m totally excited about the fact that I just discovered there’s a 2nd book… definitely looking forward to reading that…

Like most of her books, this one deals with self discovery and learning the truth of the world around them… Tomi is an arrogant son of Arc One’s Overlord and we come into the story right when he’s plugging in the last pack of his computer thing that basically plugs in all this knowledge into his brain… this makes him a Lord… people who can’t accept that much get lower positions in the Arc One… and those who can’t accept any computer plug-ins become slaves… as is the case with any society that has slaves, there’s some very unhappy people and when an uprising happens Tomi suddenly finds himself knocked down a garbage shaft that leads to the outside… something that no one has seen in 100’s of years… that’s when it all begins… in it’s way it’s a simple adventure but it’s still amazing and there’s always those twist and turns that catch you off guard and have you digging in for more… and is often the case the ending is bittersweet but still amazing… on it’s own it is a great book but now I’m hoping that the 2nd one will be as good…


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