Okay, this week I have gotten hooked on the show Psych… in just a few days I have made my way through the first 3 seasons… and it’s HILARIOUS… and I just had to share that with all of you… and give an excuse to why I haven’t gotten that much reading done to write that much about any new books… so sad I know… but I’m not sorry at all… mainly cause I’m just laughing to hard to really think about it…

I tried to get the Psych theme song but couldn’t find a good video so this is the best I could do… just shows how silly this show is…


2 thoughts on “PSYCH!!!

  1. while I really like the show dont you think the quality of the story lines, the remarks and dialogue has gone down hill? the one where gus eats a turkey leg? that was sitting on a log, yuck! or filming some guy peeing. and the part about the fake hawk and the guy with an ax in his back keeps getting up then dying and getting back up again was stupid don’t you think? I think they are trying to hard to be funny sometimes funny is not something you can force. and this last episode, shawns remarks are losing their luster, I thought the home warming party was a engagement party, who throws a party because a boyfriend is moving in with his girlfriend? really? gus is starting to get gross eating food off the ground. they better step it up a bit or they will lose my viewer ship.


    • well thanks for the spoiler alert… i’ve only seen the first 3 seasons… and i’m sure it does eventually go down hill… it happens… but seriously i haven’t seen that far ahead… all i was saying is the first 3 seasons has me laughing so hard i can barely breathe… though even in that time he has gotten less crazy with the psych stuff and you’d think it’d be pretty obvious that he’s not psychic…


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