Books Books Every where…

I was going through my books and I’ve realized that I’m reading pretty much the same stuff over and over… it’s only the stuff school has been forcing on me that has gotten some diversity into my mix… so I thought of all the people out there someone should have a suggestion… so if anyone’s come across some really interesting books lately I’d like to hear about it… because I can just never have enough to read…


4 thoughts on “Books Books Every where…

  1. Anything by James Patterson, his adult books are amazing as well as his young adult, also Iris Johansen, Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books are amazing too. Theres also anything by Ellen Hopkins and John Green. I have plenty more suggestions depending on what kind of books you like to read.


    • I’ll read it all… from children’s books to romance to murder mystery and all there is in between… I’ve read a lot by James Patterson but nothing by the others… although I do have some Iris Johansen books that have been waiting on me to read… guess I need to get too it… and I’ve seen Evanovich’s books and think about it but never got one… I will definitely hunt me one down now… Thanks for help!


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