The One and Only… Tarzan

First off, forget everything you’ve ever seen in any movie ever made about Tarzan… Sadly they have yet to make a good movie about him… or any of the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs… which really makes me sad because he’s my favorite author and he’s just straight up amazing…

Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs     description:

A ship’s mutiny forces a young noble English couple out onto the African coast, and their child is born in the wild. When they die a short time later, the boy is adopted by an ape, and raised as her own. The boy, Tarzan, rises to dominance in the jungle . . . TARZAN OF THE APES is Edgar Rice Burroughs’s exploration of mankind as it’s seen from the perspective of a man reared outside civilization, and the insights he offers are often not flattering. Tarzan has all the features we look for in a hero — he is handsome, brave, and stronger than any ordinary man. But he is an arrogant loner, prone to violence. TARZAN OF THE APES explores that which is within all of us, the primal drives and abilities that made for our survival — Burroughs created a hero who, because of his immense potential and truly unique upbringing — became a believable SUPERMAN. Burroughs told the tale in engaging prose which still sweeps us along.


BOOK 1: Tarzan of the Apes         5 STARS

I really like the description given for this book because in it’s way the description is it’s own review… It really does give an odd insight into the world… Tarzan isn’t some weird ape guy… he isn’t dumb… and I’ll give you a spoiler here… he doesn’t stay in the jungle… as you can see on this book cover it says THE ADVENTURES OF LORD GREYSTOKE… because as English Lords go, it’s a title that’s inherited and that’s who Tarzan becomes… Tarzan is an intelligent man and even as he is surrounded mostly by animals he still learns and adapts… he creates things around him and he even teaches himself to read… though he obviously has no idea how to speak any human language… he is violent at times but at no point did it feel really inhuman to me… the main tribe of humans he has a problem with are cannibals and pretty cruel so though he does kill some of them you don’t really feel bad for them because of the things they do and are capable of… But as the series goes on, and most of it all is in Africa… you see Tarzan change as he does adapt to civilization but also very much remains apart of the wilder side of the jungle… it’s an interesting look at what man could possibly be capable of and feats that could seem superhuman… Also, considering there are 25 books in this series, Burroughs does a really good job of keeping the story interesting and alive… It’s definitely a series worth checking out and one that I can’t believe Hollywood has screwed up so many times… and Disney should just be ashamed of themselves as not only what they did to Tarzan but also John Carter of Mars… so ashamed…


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