All The Wrong Questions

Who Could That Be At This Hour?   by Lemony Snicket     description:

In a fading town, far from anyone he knew or trusted, a young Lemony Snicket began his apprenticeship in an organization nobody knows about. He started by asking questions that shouldn’t have been on his mind. Now he has written an account that should not be published, in four volumes that shouldn’t be read. This is the first volume.

Before you consider reading “Who Could That Be at This Hour?” ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you curious about what is happening in a seaside town that is no longer by the sea?

2. Do you want to know more about a stolen item that wasn’t stolen at all?

3. Do you think that’s any of your business? Why? What kind of person are you? Really?

4. Who is that standing behind you?

The first volume in the four-part autobiographical account of his childhood, called All the Wrong Questions, will be released on Oct. 23, 2012. This will be Snicket’s first new series since the wildly popular A Series of Unfortunate Events.


BOOK 1: Who Could That Be At This Hour?          4 STARS

Honestly I don’t know if you can say this is 4 stars good or not… but Snicket has a way of writing these books that are so wackadoo that you have to know what happens next… the whole time I’m reading this I’m like man I can’t believe I’m reading this but I have to know what happens… how does it end… and yes I plan on getting the next book… there are too many definitions and him recommending books I’m not too sure are real… but it’s a good mystery… and when you feel the need to keep going no matter what I think that deserves some credit…

I also have to say I love his description of kids and adults… how adults don’t tell kids anything and kids don’t tell adults anything… they’re just like 2 boats passing in the night and only run into each other when a kid needs a ride some where… that just sounds about right…


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