My Problem with Zombies

I’m currently trying to write a book about zombies… well sort of zombies… if zombies weren’t exactly the zombies you’re think of… yeah I know it doesn’t make sense… let’s say it’s Schrodinger’s cat… they are both zombies and not zombies… so now that that’s clear… here’s the problem… I HATE ZOMBIES!!! They freak me out… I cannot watch a zombie movie… it makes my stomach turn and I end up with nightmares… I know I’m full grown but I still get nightmares… with my full grown imagination… I was even dragged once to Zombieland… which is supposed to be a comedy… nope… spent the entire time hiding my face in my hands… and man when somehow I also got taken to 28 weeks later… that’s right didn’t see the first one but someone thought it’d be a good idea for me to go to the 2nd one… the second the zombie showed up I had to run out of the theater because my stomach decided it didn’t want to hold food any more… and no… I have never read a zombie book either…

The fact is the whole idea of zombies really scares me… their mindless beings you can’t reason with… you can’t talk them out of attacking you or hope that they’ll change their mind… because their dead and they just want to eat everything in their path… and then if they so much as nip you, you’ll turn into one… you’ll just be all jacked up and wanting to eat your own little babies or what not… that’s just wrong… on so many levels… I can’t help it… I like logic… I like things that make sense… and zombies work on no logic at all… they’re just creepy dead things that impulsively kill…

So why am I trying to write a book on zombies then? Well first of all… the thought just popped into my head… when ideas come I write them down regardless of what their about… seriously weird junk will just pop into my head willy-nilly… but also in a way it’s like reasoning it out for myself… you know… like if you’re afraid of heights then you climb a mountain… or if you’re afraid of drowning you dive into the deep end… it’s like facing my fears… and maybe making sense of it for myself… it’s making a zombie that makes sense to me…

The problem with all of this is well… I’m not sure how to go about it… I got the premises of the story just fine… I know where it’s going and how it’s getting there… but when it’s putting it down on paper you really have to deal with the action… you can’t have zombies without them showing up and wanting to kill you… and then people having to fight them… and you know all that good stuff… normally I would do some research… I would see all the sides that others have taken and then mix it into something I can call my own… but with zombies I can’t do research without practically wanting to hide in a corner and cry myself into a stupor… I mean I can’t even look at a picture of a zombie without feeling sick… it is a real fear of mine…

I don’t really know what I’m throwing all this out there for because it’s a problem there probably is no solution for… but since I have this blog to share everything I think to the world… I figured I should throw this out there and see what happens… if nothing else… you can know I’ve got issues… 😀


4 thoughts on “My Problem with Zombies

  1. I understand your plight. I like zombie movies because they scare the daylight out of me, and I would watch them knowing fully well that I’m going to have nightmares that night. Like, I seriously believe the apocalypse is really coming but what do I know?! I cant tell you at what point I stopped dreaming about them, but I would suggest watching the zombie movies in the day-time. If you’ve tried that already then ignore me. But its worth a try. And also remind yourself that its just a movie, its all make-up, its not real . . . until it happens but that’s another point all together. Good luck on the book though. Oh and reading zombies would help you write your own.


    • honestly i think i could get through a book easier than a movie… I’ve read a lot of kind of messed up books but when it comes to actually watching it it’s a whole nother ball game… but like you’re talking about… what if it really happens… there’s so many things in this world that i think we could overcome… except zombies… and that’s what scares the daylights out of me… my husbands read like ever zombie book out there and i was kind of hoping he’d give me pointers… but alas that hasn’t worked out so i’m probably going to have to give in and read one myself… oh the things we do for our art…


  2. I am a huge zombie fan and a writer, so maybe I can help.
    Good news: You’ll be able to get a lot of writing done without actually having to think about zombies at all.
    Bad news: Research is going to be essential at some point.
    Just like any (good) genre writing, the monsters/zombies/aliens are, in fact, the least important aspect of the story. Often, they aren’t even the story’s main antagonists. They are a plot device. *
    All good stories are drama:
    Plot = what happens to your characters (zombies attack)
    Story = how your characters respond to what is happening to them (flee / fight / hide / kiss the nearest love interest)
    I suggest you start by writing your characters and their back-stories. Stephen King is a genius at this – you set up the normal, the mundane and the ordinary… and then you change the rules (zombies). This will also help you understand how your characters are going to react to, what is understandably, a very stressful situation.
    Once you’ve developed your characters (as much as is possible before the story), then you can start making decisions about the “rules”. If your husband is a fan, he will be able to help with this bit. Fast zombies or shamblers, viral / spiritual / alien cause for the rising dead etc. Usually, when you decide how the outbreak occurs (the “why”), then you will already know most of the “how”. (No, you don’t have to share this with your reader).
    There: now you know your characters, and now you’re being unbelievably cruel to them – the rest will pretty much write itself.
    I hope that helped – all the best with your writing.
    * Just because they are a plot device, it does not mean that you cannot give them depth. Suggest far more than you show – a woman with an empty, bloodstained toddler harness is far more sinister than detailing the act of what you “know” happened.


    • wow… thanks for the this… it is help… and i finally got my husband talking about the books he’d read and he basically said the same thing as you did… i guess it just seemed you know like most of the paranormal books like vampires and stuff they’re actual characters and you see them constantly and i was like how do you constantly have zombies showing up it’d be just one fight after the next… so this is really going to be a stretch of my talent which is always good… no need to stay in the easy zone… and really thanks for the post… and of course bringing up the eating their own babies piece… 😀


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