some rather Grimm zombies

Well in wondering how I’ll begin to face my fear of zombies in order to write the book I’m attempting to write… it just has to be fate that one of my favorite shows… Grimm… has to go all walking dead on me… in fact I’m actually watching it as I write in order to take my mind off my heart wanting to jump out of my chest… but it is only a small part of the story and so I get a little break from the clips that will be fueling my nightmares tonight… but I’ve got to suck it up and perhaps maybe really start checking into this… there’s several books out there that sound interesting… I’m thinking that Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion might be one for me to check out… after all it’s a good zombie that saves a girl… how bad can it be… either way… wish me luck…

Although I would like to say that for the Grimm show they should’ve used the story of the Three Snake Leaves… that’s actually a story where the princess is brought back to life and is different and evil and then tries to kill her own husband… I really do love this show but sometimes they seem to really ignore the Grimm stories and kind of do their own thing…



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