Giving is Giving

I just read this article, The New Science of Giving, and well I just wanted to share it and my thoughts on it… after all this is my blog I should be allowed to share my thoughts every now and then…

The fact is… as good as it is for people to give as they do… write the big checks for people who need it now… it is also good to hear about people who are thinking about the long run… though I do say this article does a good job of showing both sides… it does seem to show people mad that these givers aren’t helping anyone now… but first of all it’s their money… they could’ve stayed hold up… with their secret billions and no one would’ve been the wiser… but because they’ve decided to come out and share their plan to try and make a difference in the future… people are complaining cause as humans are so good at… we want what we want and we want it now… i know… sometimes it’s hard to put off that instant gratification… but it’s not like they aren’t giving some to people now as well… as shown they gave to a food packing place that helps feed the hungry… but they’re also asking that place to figure out a way to prevent those people from even getting hungry to begin with… help them find jobs or manage their health problems… is that so wrong… to ask people to prevent problems from even happening…

And though I may have a little wonder how much they can truly find out about the obesity problem… true it is a problem… I know half my family suffers from it… and it’s hard to control your weight and lose it… I for one love me all those good foods they got out there and well… I also like sitting in front of this laptop and chatting with all you wonderful people… but for the most part that problem could be tackled by people eating healthier and working out… honestly think back a few 100 years… people didn’t eat all that healthy but they had to work like hell… the few people that were obese were rich and could afford to sit indoors and do nothing if they wanted… it’s too easy now to never even step foot outside your home that it’s no wonder people are gaining so much weight… but I’m not ranting about this… back to topic…

The fact is I wish more people would think of the future… figure out how to tackle the big problems even though it may take longer to see results… we shouldn’t keep putting a band-aid on issues for a quick fix only to see it fall off in moments… yes like I said before it’s wonderful for those that do give and help people who need it now… but it’d be great too to figure out how to keep people from needing constant help… being able to help our country and help people get back on their feet and take care of themselves… then we can take all that money and do something really awesome with it… like give me more books to read… 😀

That was my little rant… I feel better now… and I hope you all have a nice day…


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