The Big Bad Wolf

The Heat  by  Heather Killough-Walden      description:

Lily St. Claire is a simple Southern girl who has no idea what she is in for when she decides to move back to her home town in Louisiana after a decade of being away. But between the two very different alpha werewolves who instantly begin fighting to claim her as their mate and the serial killer who has her in his sights, she’s about to find out.

heatBOOK 1: The Heat     4 STARS

As you enter this book it doesn’t quite give off the vibe of a paranormal book… honestly between the prologue and the description given to Daniel, you almost expect it to turn into a serial killer story at any moment… kind of something creepy going on… and honestly it isn’t that far off… there’s plenty of blood shed and horror to spread around… and it may sound weird but honestly that’s one of the things I like about Killough-Walden… she’s doesn’t mind showing the darker side of life… unlike some writers in this genre that seem to want to make everything into rainbows and sunshine… no one gets hurt and no one is lost… and though those books are needed because you need some happiness… but I like that this kind of feels more realistic… if there was a paranormal world bad stuff would still happen… sometimes the good guy won’t make it there in time… and sometimes the bad guy is hard to spot… it can be confusing and dangerous… and that’s what she brings to all her stories… the good and the bad… and it makes a fantastical scenario something you can still believe in and still feel real to the reader…

the story of the werewolves are definitely interesting… in fact there’s even a tinge of vampirism to them… and they don’t just find someone to fall in love… they have someone that’s meant for them… and Lily knows it by the dreams she’s having… only problem is she’s dreaming of 2 different werewolves and she has to figure out which one she truly is meant to be with… it’s exciting and romantic and really a great beginning to a whole new series…


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