Yes, I Am That Insecure

I love writing reviews about books, because… well… books are my life… and I love being able to let people know how awesome a book was… or what made this one different or great… or how it was just fun to breeze through, because not all books are life alteringly great… some are just nice to have… light… fun… funny… and of course those that make me cry like a little girl because well I’m just an emotional nut case who has been known to actually physically hide from a book when an embarrassing scene pops up… I really get into them… and of course there are those times that I have to give bad reviews… I don’t particularly enjoy writing those… because I assume that those author’s have done their best… that’s their work that they’ve poured their soul into… and even a bad book took effort to write… but I have to be honest and if I’m going to be letting people know how I felt about a book and my true thoughts then I have to tell it like it is… regardless… okay I will admit that on occasion I have had fun writing a bad review for certain books… those reviews are really rather obvious… but still…

The thing is though… the other day I gave a book 5 stars and just went on and on about how awesome it was… and it was great… maybe even my favorite book this year… and I was super thrilled to finally get a comment… oh how I cherish you commenters… and they were all excited about my review saying they wanted to go get the book and read it as well… and I’m like… WOOT!!! my review has affected someone… and then I’m all like… but what if they don’t like it… what if they read this book I’ve just given a glorious review too… and are like this is poop… this is a terrible book… how on earth could she have ever enjoyed such… and yes, I am that insecure… as soon as someone takes my advice I’m like wait… what if I’m wrong… what if I was some how deluded while reading the book and it isn’t as good as I said it was… stupid… I know…

The fact is books I’ve loved have received 1 star reviews… while books I loathe somehow scrap up a few 5 stars… it’s really hard to say… but that’s why when I give a review I do try to explain it… without spoiling it which is rather hard if I do say so myself… and I hope that when someone takes my advice that they do enjoy the books as much as I do… and if they don’t… well, we’re all different… but since I want to be a librarian… and more so want to help the world find that book that they can enjoy… I guess I’ll have to learn to squelch those moments of panic… and know sometimes I might not always hand out the right book… but, hey, there’s plenty more books to try…


6 thoughts on “Yes, I Am That Insecure

    • thanks… it’s good to know I’m not the only one that feels this way… you know it always seems like everyone else has it together and is so perfect and calm… i feel like there must be something wrong with me… then I find out we’re all much more alike than we may let on… it’s one of the things I’ve liked about having this blog… thanks again for the comment… πŸ˜€


  1. I am with you R.G., I have read books that had rave reviews and went – what????? That is the reason there are so many books and so many different readers. We all enjoy something different and the same. Keep up the reviews. I have enjoyed reading your point of view. Some books, I had already read and agreed. Others, I didn’t and some are on my book list to read. thanks


    • very true… we need variety to say the least… and I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my reviews… makes my day to know that I’m helping spread the word on awesome books… πŸ™‚


  2. I am so the same way with anything I recommend.. I am always afraid the person isn’t going to like it as much as me and then I’m pretty hurt if they don’t! Especially books BC I feel such an attachment to them:-) we seem so much alike… we could be sisters LoL


    • lol… maybe we are… and I know what you mean… one moment I’m worried it’s something to do with me and the next I’m like how could they have not liked it? I almost feel like I need to remind them what was so awesome about that book… haha… us and our crazy book love… πŸ˜€


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