PRK vs Lasik and Why PRK Sucks!

Sometimes you have to rant… sometimes you just have to let the whole world know you’re not happy… and lucky for me I have a blog so it’s pretty darn close to worldwide… at least it has the potential… though if anyone will take the time to read this is a whole other matter all together…

The fact is I just feel sometimes like nothing ever goes right for me… you know… if I was one of a 100 people doing the same thing at 99% rate of things going perfect… I’d be the 1% that got to experience falling flat on her face in failure… life can suck sometimes… And I know you’re over there saying… OMG what is wrong? So let me tell you…

I had PRK eye surgery a little over a year ago… that’s right… just a little over a year ago… and I already have to wear glasses again… now I signed all the waivers that said that there’s a chance that the surgery wouldn’t work… that it may only fix it partially… or it may make me go blind… they even straight up said that lots of times it’s only good for about 5 years and then sometimes people have to go back and get a little more zappy zap… and I’ve heard from people that usually doctors will try and fix it if it’s been less than 5 years… but considering it was a military doctor being paid by the military of which I am no longer a part of… my guess is they’re not really going to care… I know… it was free… I really shouldn’t be complaining about something that I didn’t have to shell a dime out for… and normally I wouldn’t… because it at least lowered my prescription… but let me tell you a little something about PRK… at least the experience I had…

First let me say my brother-in-law got Lasik eye surgery… the one most people are familiar with… and what they do there is they cut the layer of skin off of your iris and it’s like a circly flap thing and then they shoot some lasers in and slap the skin back on your eye like a creepy contact… the next day your vision should be 20/20 and everyone goes home happy… there are chances of some halo vision and a little dry eyes… but from everyone I have come across no one has had the slightest bit of problems… and they all still have their perfect 20/20…

Why doesn’t the military like Lasik then? Because military people can be called upon to jump out of perfectly sound airplanes/ helicopters… we are sent into warzones where we might have to dive into the dirt… or whatever else… and in all of that there’s a chance that little eye flap that gets slapped back on your eye in Lasik my just flap right back off… leaving your eye exposed… and probably in a lot of pain… gross… I know… so we get PRK… now what’s the difference you ask?

PRK takes what is essentially an electric tooth brush (this is how the doctor explained it) and scrubs away the layer of skin on your eye ball and it’s creepy and weird even as you are numb and can’t feel it… then they zap zap zap your eye and slap an actual contact on you so as to protect the exposed eye ball… oh and you’re so not making any tears on your own after that because all your little nerve endings whatever in your eye that tells you your eyes are dry are F-ed and so you’re going to be drowning your eye ball in eye drops like they’re going out of style… and in about 5 days if you’ve been good you can finally take the contact off and slowly the skin there will grow back together and be healed with no scarring or chance of flapping off as in Lasik… but you’re going to have to wear sunglasses 24/7 inside and out because light feels like a knife to your eyeballs… and in maybe 3 months you’ll finally have 20/20 vision if you’re lucky… me I actually got 20/15… cool right… I’m extra awesome… but we all know where this story is going… because I began to notice that I couldn’t see the board at college… and I’m having trouble reading anything that’s more than a few feet away… because I’ve always been near sighted… and so now I get to wear glasses again… and I wouldn’t be so mad if it wasn’t for all the pain and problems it’s caused… like the constant dryness that is painful… and my eyes just hurting all the time… not only did it not help me… but it actually set me back in causing me more problems…

The only good thing out of all of this is luckily I still look damn sexy in glasses… and as soon as I get my degree I’ll be that hot librarian…

“Oh, your book is overdue… I guess you’ll just have to pay the fine…” 😉


7 thoughts on “PRK vs Lasik and Why PRK Sucks!

    • Thanks… it sucks but I’ve actually got a prescription for these eye drops to eventually make it were I won’t have dry eyes and I think since wearing the glasses regularly everything’s been working better… so all together things aren’t so bad and are getting better… and thanks also for the compliment… I try to give this blog all I got… 😀

      That’s also an interesting site… I know I’m like all against PRK now but I know several people who’ve done fine with it too and I understand why the military does it… but you know how it is when things just don’t end up how you hope it will…


  1. Actually I had Lasik in one eye and PRK in the other. Long story short, my Lasik flap was cut sloppy and my “surgeon” changed other eye to PRK. Guess which eye is the one that has given me problems since day 1? My PRK eye. Four + years of wetting drops, surgeon missed the mark and made me farsighted, best of all while working on Lasik eye for 20 minutes using the laser as a spot welder trying to get the flap to sit, anesthesia wore off so I had the first part of PRK done feeling everything, screaming in pain. When I was sitting there waiting my brain was screaming run. I didn’t. I kept telling myself I’m not going to be that one in thousand. I should have ran like Forrest Gump.

    It took 20 days for my “skin” epithelium to grow in. Sure I ended up 20/13 but farsighted and with severe dry eye. Couldn’t see anything near like my speedometer or read my cell phone. Too much tissue had been taken off. Eyeball short=farsighted, Eyeball long=nearsighted. Didn’t miss one drop of medicine in 6 weeks of recovery and the only thing that was funny was for 3 weeks my eyes were different colors. Now 4 years later I go through a bottle of Systane Ultra a week and have regressed to 20/25. I’m still farsighted and always will be. They have a procedure that could make me plano (neither far or nearsighted) but it carries a 50% risk of having double vision. New doc says actually what happened was 1 in 10,000 so why would I chance 1 in 2?

    I hate to be a buzz kill but for me the dryness and pain have not gone away since 2/21/2009 when I made the stupidest decision of my life.

    While I hate to even write this I have gotten the crash course in refractive surgery in 4+ years. I would not do this myself but I am going to throw this out there. You have regressed back to nearsightedness. My new doctor is one of the best in the field. He recommended that to at least take care of the dry eye to redo the first part of PRK. Theory is that when your epithelium comes back in, the nerves may come back with it. In other words what he called re epithelism. Basically he said there is a chance that the nerves are stuck and wont grow though your new epithelium. He says that this does happen from time to time and he has seen this procedure work. Assuming you have sufficient corneal thickness, they can ablate more tissue and make you 20/20 again. Your cornea is too long causing you to be nearsighted. I am not a medical doctor so I want throw that out there. NSAID drops combined with your Pred regiment should prevent regression. Like I said I have learned a lot in 4+ years. Basically if you get lucky you can take care of two problems at once. The dryness and need for glasses.

    That all being said would I do it myself? Hell No. The problem is your dry eye will never go away. The nerves are not there or have not grown to the surface. So like me you get to wear glasses and use drops. This will most likely be for life. I paid $4000 for this privilege. Add another $5000 for some procedure such as have my puctums (eye drains) burned shut, meds, tests, drops and medical bills. I live in a County where even though my first doctor had committed blatant malpractice and had no informed consent to perform PRK, I could not find one attorney to take my case. If I lived one County over I would have easily had a 7 figure settlement.

    You have been set back, I got wrecked. Too old to be a sexy librarian and the wrong gender. I hate to tell you this but the military has been doing Lasik on soldiers for years now. Even pilots. Its all pretty much done in San Diego. If your a pilot you just cant fly a plane that has an ejection seat. Too many G’s.
    Here’s what can happen:
    Welcome to the FUN of refractive surgery.
    Sorry to read your story. Dry eye sucks. The pain is more of what you would call an eye ache.
    That’s my rant.


    • well, the eye doc I saw here actually prescribed me Restasis… they say it takes 6 months to really fix the dry eye thing and I’ve only been using it a month but I think it’s actually helped out… she also told me there’s a procedure they can do, both permanent and temporary, where they put a plug in your tear duct so that your eye will hold your tears in more rather than any of them draining away… so perhaps you can look into something like that for your eyes if they’re really that dry and all…

      and I’m not much for suing someone… but I would’ve found someone some where to get all kinds of money from that guy… at least my money back… you know…

      and yes I know they’ve been doing lasik forever… and they still do in some cases for people who don’t qualify for PRK… the problem is for the people now that do qualify for PRK that’s your only option because of the risk of eye flap flapping off… at least that was the deal I got when they did it for me…

      all together though… that really sucks… I kind of feel petty now for complaining about my piddly problems when you actually got seriously screwed over… I’m really sorry and I hope that in some way you get better… because I know at least a little of your pain and I’ve dealt with constant pain due to other injuries I’ve received from my knee problems to my back injury and nothing compares to your eyes being jacked up… that’s just isn’t an issue you can just block out… so I hope you find something that does at least help ease the ache…


    • and no one is ever too old to be sexxy… I’m sitting her watching Something’s Gotta Give where Jack Nicholson is playing a 63 year old ladies man… if he can pull in the hotties… anyone can… 😉


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