Hello, Gorgeous!

Hello, Gorgeous!   by   Mary Janice Davidson    description:

Okay, here’s the situation: One minute Caitlyn James is out with her sorority sisters; the next, there’s a terrible accident (no, not her friend Stacey’s tragic outfit), and suddenly Caitlyn’s waking up in some weird clinic with the Eggheads du Jour explaining to her that she’s now officially a human cyborg and, like it or not, she’s working for them now. You know, super-spy style…stopping people from perpetrating evil and all. Now did Caitlyn ask for anything like this? Of course not. After all, she’s got a beauty salon to run. If those bad guys need highlights and a pedicure, sure, call her. Otherwise, she’ll be at the bar. Granted, it is cool to be able to move faster than a Ford Mustang when she needs to, even if it’s totally hard on her shoes. But Caitlyn just wants to get back to her old, normal life. It’s just that The Boss–yes, that’s really his name–wants her to bring in another human cyborg on the run. And here’s the thing about this other cyborg: He’s totally gorgeous. Smart. Funny. And as for his, er, “enhancements”? Let’s just say he’s not faster than a speeding bullet. So what’s a former party-girl turned spy-cyborg supposed to do? Arrest the hunk? Turn him in? Neutralize him? As if. Not when the cyber-fun’s just getting started.

Meet Caitlyn James: the government’s new secret weapon. Lord help us. Laugh-out-loud funny and deliciously erotic, Hello, Gorgeous is MaryJanice Davidson’s most entertaining and unpredictable romance to date.

gorgeousBOOK 1: Hello Gorgeous    5 STARS

I don’t know what I can say that the description doesn’t… except that it does live up to it’s hype… it is hilarious and not what you expect from a story of spy-cyborgs… Caitlyn is smart and funny with a quirky way of doing things… The Boss, while being in many ways what you expect from a stereotypical no name government agency… actually added a lot to the story in sparring with Caitlyn in trying to get her to do the job they created her for… the other cyborg may or may not be a bad guy and her best friend is just happy to have Caitlyn around and is very thankful… very thankful for The Boss’ help in saving Caitlyn… wink wink… altogether it’s a wacky group of characters that each add a different element to the story… making it… like all of Davidson’s writings… much more than any ol’ romance novel…

P.S. Book 2 is okay but was for the most part a let down… which really doesn’t matter since it was unnecessary for this story that can stand on it’s own…


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