Beware What Your Write, You May Change History…

Tumbling Through Time  by  Gwyn Cready       description:

Wandering the Pittsburgh airport before a business trip, Seph decides to kill time with some preflight shopping — anything to get her mind off Tom Fraser, her irresistible, dimple-chinned coworker turned travel buddy. So when a pair of to-die-for pink stilettos calls her name from a store window, she tries them on — only to be swiftly transported back to the eighteenth century and flung aboard a turbulent ship sailing the Mediterranean!

There, Seph is stunned to meet Phillip Drummond, an arrogant British pirate and the spitting image of Tom. Phillip has summoned her back in time to straighten out his complete mess of a life — for he is the burly hero in the romance novel she someday hopes to write, and she is responsible for his destiny. But in the midst of turning things right so she can get back to reality, Seph starts to fall for the smolderingly sexy Phillip. And when Tom is thrown into the mix, she doesn’t know what — or who — she wants. Seph soon realizes that spotting the perfect pair of shoes may be easy, but finding the perfect man can be a real trip.

tumblingTumbling Through Time      4 STARS

This book may have that normal romance cover but it definitely has a rather original plot… it’s one of the things I love about Cready’s writing… all her books I’ve read don’t play by the rules of really anything… go ahead and throw physics right out the window… travel through time and into a fictitious story and possibly change history in the process… can anyone say ADVENTURE!!! It’s exciting as you’re trying to figure out exactly what is going on and how any of it can be fixed… I love the dash of history that is thrown in and the fact that the 2 main guys Seph’s torn between are essentially the same person… but I think the fact that every time one of them went back in time there was another version of them going about messing up things in the present might have been the best part… altogether it was hilarious, romantic, got a lot of action going on and some rather surprising twists… this book is a ‘you need to go get it right now’ along with really any other book Cready has written…


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