The Host… Book vs Movie

hostI did a review of The Host by Stephenie Meyer a while back and just now got around to seeing the movie… considering how much the acting and really everything sucked in Twilight I wasn’t expecting too much from this movie… especially since it seems like no one even took notice of this book until the movie came out… but it surprised me… they did a great job… it really stuck to the book as much as any movie can… a few bits and pieces deleted but nothing game changing… great graphics… nothing cheesy… and honestly pretty good acting… I loved this book because it really stands apart when it comes to Young Adult romances… it’s a rather awkward love story considering it’s not really  a love triangle… it’s jut the 2 women in it happen to share the same body and really getting all that across in a movie couldn’t be easy but it was fun and exciting and moved along really well… And like I said it stands apart for many things… as in most alien take overs are all violent and evil… these aliens created world peace… but of course there’s always that resistance… I loved that it didn’t queasy out of the fighting scenes… there’s some pretty messed up stuff… not really graphic but tragic and people die and they let it be what it was… honestly I wish Meyer’s would get off her butt and keep writing more like she promised… but if she doesn’t maybe Hollywood can figure out where it’s going since for one of their rare moments they actually did a book right…

**Added info**

I’m not changing what I thought above but I did watch it again with my husband… who apparently only heard the part about it being about aliens… and not the part where I said it was from the author of Twilight… lol, oh well… but when I was talking to him afterwards explaining some stuff he said it sounds like the book is much better than the movie… which it is… of course… and I figured I should just say something about that… that really what I loved about this movie was how it kept to the book but I can see how it could be a bit lacking for anyone who doesn’t know the full story… the book is really much more science fiction styled as she talks about how they took over the world and the other planets they’ve conquered and even her home planet and how their traveling out into the universe began… for me, I understand why this was barely touched on because as it’s already a 2 hour movie… and they honestly didn’t waste any time with unnecessary info… though there are a few bits they could’ve moved slightly faster… there was no room for this… so I would suggest to anyone who is interested… read the book first… it’s a great novel… and don’t go judging it because you may not have liked Twilight… they are so different and the characters are different… I’ve read both and there was no point where one reminded me of the other…

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