Day 02 of the 30 Day Book Challenge

Day 02 – A book that you’ve read again and again

I actually read a lot of books over and over again… I can’t help it… I love to read and I can’t stand going without a book… but sometimes I got so much going on I don’t really want to read a book I’d have to think about… Kind of like when you just have a movie you love but seen a million times playing in the background as you work on something else… but my favorite go-to books are…

mad kingThe Mad King  by  Edgar Rice Burroughs:

·         This book is exciting and romantic and I love how it really shows so many different sides to the characters and how people can behave so differently and unpredictably in times of war… It also shows both the deviousness and irrationality of people but also the good and amazing ability to continue to hope and fight for what is right… I can’t help but want to enjoy that again and again…

Impetuous  by  Lori Fosterimpetuous

·         It’s just a simple fun and sweet romance… Sometimes I like things like this because it’s just straight forward, no love triangle, no games (well no purposeful games)… and even though it could be considered erotica it really doesn’t deal a lot with that but more a man and a woman becoming friends and being happy just hanging out…

howlHowl’s Moving Castle   by  Diana Wynne Jones

·         Howl is a conceited wizard on the run… Sophie is a shy young woman who finds her backbone when she’s wrongfully turned into an old lady… and the fire demon is just an interesting companion… Altogether a great an unusual adventure that definitely isn’t your run of the mill story but is too fun to not revisit…

Ella Enchanted  by  Gail Carson Levineella

·         Levine has a way of taking fairy tales and making them into something much more crazy and believable… Ella definitely isn’t that perfectly beautiful and poised Cinderella we see in the Disney movie… she a cursed girl who does everything she can to defy authority and stand up to those who would use her curse of Obedience against her… This book is so good I’ve actually read it back to back before…

As you can see I like a variety but they’re all so good and fun reads that I can’t help picking them up again and again…


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