Day 05 of the 30 Day Book Challenge


Day 05 – A book that makes you happy

Okay… this question is just silly… all books make me happy… well, all well written books do… but sometimes getting the chance to write a 1 star review isn’t so bad either… after all I got to switch it up sometimes… to me, though, books are doors into another world and I don’t even know how to begin to choose one for this… some books make me happy because they’re just happy funny books… some because they ended so beautifully… others do in that naughty way when you’re trying to keep from blushing because you can’t believe you just read that scene in a public place and no one even realizes what’s really going on… ha!

Books are too wonderful for a variety of reasons… and though I’ve been managing to choose a book or series fairly well… I call this question ridiculous and I can’t bring myself to give just one book or even series as an answer… for me, just being near books makes me happy… any more than that I’ll guess you’ll just have to read my reviews to see the ones that I’ve liked or loved… or the few that just let me down…


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