Day 06 of the 30 Day Book Challenge

Day 06 – A book that broke your heart

hard bittenIf you’re asking which ones made me cry… there are a lot of those… I cry easily… the one book I can say that really tore me up, though, is Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill… and if you haven’t read the Chicagoland Vampire’s series then stop reading right now and go get Some Girls Bite… this is probably the best paranormal series I’ve read so far… and is much different and has a very interesting and not so corny view on the world… and even after Hard Bitten I have hope the series will somehow mend my broken heart… but for any of you that have read this series you know what I’m talking about and I read Hard Bitten months ago and it killed me… what they did at the end just made me mad and I wanted to punch a hole in the wall and cry at the same time… I’ve finally settled down enough to see what happens next… but this book is probably one of the few that I can say was this good (though I gave it 3 STARS at the time because of how upset I was)… but made me this mad and sure… broke my heart…


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