PRK Eye Surgery Part II

Okay… a while ago I wrote a post about my PRK surgery… PRK vs Lasik and Why PRK Sucks! … as you can probably guess my experience wasn’t good…

Anyway… my husband decided to get PRK eye surgery… a decision I thought was just straight up stupid… seriously… after all I went through… the problems it caused me… and he thinks it’s a good idea to take the risk… talk about non-stop worrying… especially since he had to travel a couple states away to where the military would actually pay for it and of course they schedule it right when my classes start so I can’t even be there to help him… I’M FREAKING OUT!!!

He had the surgery 2 days ago and is doing great… no pain… can see perfectly… I hate him…

But no… I’m glad that if he was going to go through with it that it turned out fine… I mean so far I guess it’s too soon to say everything is a 100% wonderful… but from everything he’s telling me this doctor actually sounds like she knows what she’s doing… the things she told him to do… how to take the medicine… it’s way more than what my doctor did and is probably why mine went poorly…

So I guess I’m saying that regardless of what you’re going to the hospital for… make sure you get a doctor that’s knowledgeable in that procedure and not just dipping their toe in the water to see if they can figure it out…

I’m still kind of mad at him for lucking out… yes… I’m that petty…


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