Most Overrated Book…

I have decided to just put the question in the title… but this is Day 08 of the 30 Day Book Challenge…


Day 08 – Most overrated book

That would be a lot of books… it seems some books somehow get popular and then everyone goes crazy because it’s the popular book to read and then you have that other faction that for some reason hates anything that’s popular… and then a great online war ensues of people declaring these books as brain washing evils… and others saying they’re so amazing I’ll die if the next one doesn’t come out soon… it just gets out of control… and before you know it therapist are saying if your child reads this book they’ll be more prone to abusive relationships… and then schools are banning this book because it’s teaching children about a fictitious belief and even though everyone who reads this book should know it’s not real, we’re going to say our kids are too stupid to understand that and so we need to make sure that such things are kept far away from them… regardless of the fact that we’re the land of the free… let’s limit some of those freedoms because we can’t allow anyone to think for themselves or get new ideas… that would be bad… but hey these other books that no one’s heard about we’re not going to say anything about them even though they may be even worse because well they’re not popular so I won’t worry…

Sorry I got a little off track… honestly such things don’t bother me… If people are reading then that’s good… it doesn’t really bother me that I may not like the popular book… as long as some books are popular enough to grab people’s attention and getting them turning pages… then I’m happy… well as long as that book isn’t about how we should get rid of other books and encroach on people’s freedoms… if there’s a book out like that then it’s overrated regardless of who reads it…


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