Day 09 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving


Hopefully no one will give me crap for this… but Twilight… I read it back before it got big… and my friend had it and kept telling me how awesome it was and how I should read it and finally I did just to make her happy… and I loved it… no I was never one of those crazy fans… but I loved the idea… I loved how Meyer’s dared to be different… the rest of the series was good but Twilight was what really got me into the whole paranormal romance thing… and I think it’s crazy how much people can hate this book… I understand people not liking it but to be so mean about it seems ridiculous to me… it’s a book… that’s it… a story that you may or may not like… but then those saying it supports abusive relationships, well it’s a fictional story and as far as I saw Edward did all he could to protect her even if that meant leaving… and well she was obsessive… but aren’t we all a little stupid at that age with our first puppy love… I mean I’m going to admit that I was a little stalkerish when I was young… not like creepy waiting outside your window… but I’d follow a guy around like a puppy… still kind of do much to the chagrin of my husband… and Twilight was a bit more extreme… but it’s a book… so read it don’t read it… but hating is a lot of effort that I tend not to waste on things I hate… 😉



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