Day 15- Your Five Favorite Characters of All Time

1.    poison  Yelena from the Study series by Maria V. Snyder

she went through hell but came out strong on the other end… she’s smart, fearless, and though she is cautious she hasn’t allowed the world to make her overly cynical… she also has a knack of making friends out of her enemies… but also defeating those that are inherently evil and aren’t worthy of friendship… it’s a good quality in a character…

2.      John Carter from the Martian series by Edgar Rice Burroughsmars princess

and I haven’t seen the movie but it doesn’t seem to really hold true to the character… I like him because he’s rather mysterious… he has no known beginning… he isn’t sure why he’s seems to have lived much longer than normal men… and he doesn’t know how he ended up on Mars… but he is a gentleman who values honor and integrity above all else… and also works to bring peace and unity to Mars… which, once more, are very admirable traits…

3.      damagedSidney from the Damaged series by H. M. Ward

mainly cause she’s hilarious in a rather accidental way… the things she gets herself into… being attacked by squirrels… accidentally adopting a turkey vulture… but once more a strong woman who’s just trying to survive but is a very human character… while I can’t help but admire those that seem better than the average bear… I like that Sidney in many ways sounds like an everyday girl… the kind you could be friends with, hang out with, or possibly overlook because she’s just another normal girl passing by…

4.      Odd Thomas from the Odd series by Dean Koontzodd

while everyone is always wanting to be different, special, stand out… Odd is fighting to be normal… to be just a 21 year old fry cook in a little town… not a man who sees ghost that can’t even talk to him, much less tell him why they’re there… but even as he wants to be normal he uses his gift to save the good people and make sure the bad guys go to jail…

5.     bloodlines Sydney from the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead

Sydney is raised to think that all the Moroi and Dhampir are evil, but still tries to help them and is still willing to give them a chance… to see the good in them… she also gives off a rather good like church girl vibe, but can surprise you with her rather devious ability to get back at those who wrong her loved ones… and the fight she has in her to stand against the true evil that is out there… it’s nice to see a character in a way break away from the ideals that has been forced upon her her whole life but still remain true to her own beliefs and not really change who she is as a person…


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