Day 16- Your Favorite Genre

You’re killing me questionnaire… killing me…

I can say my least favorite would be non-fiction… in fact I don’t read any non-fiction if I can help it… any book that tries to emulate real life drama… because I have enough real life drama I don’t need to read about it… so yeah I pretty much want a kind of book that is more about things that don’t happen in everyday life…

mermaidsI’m not a big fan of just straight up Mystery novels either… though I have enjoyed me some Raymond Chandler detective novels and Val McDermid’s works about a profiler hunting down serial killers… but for the most part those books are very rare for me… I have to have a real hankering for them…

I love me a good Romance novel but I do get bored with them after a while… I mean they’re kind of like filler books… like those books you read when there’s nothing better on hand… I enjoy them but I can’t say that’s my favorite either…

I love a good Science Fiction novel when I can find one… the ones I do have are definitely probably some of my favorite books… I love reading about people’s thoughts of the futures… the kind of gadgets and advanced technology they dream up and what they believe may be found if we ever really do adventure out into space… but once again I never really find myself hunting down scifi books… I love them when I get them but if I think about it I don’t love them enough to go hunt them down…mom vamp

Right now Paranormal Romance might be at the top because it does encompass a variety of stories… not just vampires and werewolves but really any kind of non-normal people that apparently regular humans just can’t resist… they also can range from hilariously corny to rather serious and even some what naughty… I guess the other books can too and perhaps it’s just the ones I’ve found that have limited my view on the other genres… but I do love this one perhaps the best…

midnightThe only other genre I can say really makes me happy would be the re-telling of fairy tales… I love the old tales but they’re such rather vague and open stories that there’s so much you can do with them and I love to come across a book where someone truly has given it a new twist and brought it into a new light… but I’m not really sure what those books fall under… genres are so iffy… is there just a Fairy Tale genre?


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