Day 18- A Book that made You Laugh

I read a lot of books that make me laugh… I love funny books… laughing so hard I can’t breathe kind of books… so it’s hard to say just one here… my post Vampires that’ll make you Laugh talks about 3 different vampire series that cracked me up:

I’m the Vampire, That’s why  by Michele Bardsley

Real Vampires Have Curves  by Gerry Bartlett

Bitten and Smitten   by Michelle Rowen

Or of course anything by Mary Janice Davidson is always good for a laugh… although Drop Dead, Gorgeous! was one of hers that did fail sadly…

Though at this moment I’m really wishing I had already read my book by Lewis Grizzard… apparently his books are completely hilarious… and I have heard his gigs as a stand up comedian so I do know he is definitely one funny guy… though considering he was big more than a few years ago his jokes are dated… but some things are funny no matter when you are… so hopefully this book will live up to the hype I’ve heard about it and perhaps latter I’ll have something new to report in this category and really be able to share a laugh…


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