Day 19- Worst Movie Adaptation of a Book

Oh, there are so many…

Pretty much any adaptation of any of Burroughs works sucks… but I digress…

ellaHonestly the worst one I’ve ever seen… where it wasn’t just that they didn’t do the book justice but was just a terrible movie altogether… was Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine… This was a good book… there was really no reason for them to go so insanely different than the book… it had romance, fairy tale creatures such as giants, fairies, ogres, centaurs, dragons… I mean you name it it was probably in there… it had adventure… quest… evil step sisters… and a curse that had to be broken… and yet they added some weird villain that wasn’t even in the book… singing… which just never helps any movie… and made her curse ridiculous… the thing was in the book her curse of obedience meant that if she didn’t do as she was told she would well get some bad repercussions in the form of feeling physically ill… but she still fought the curse all the time… holding out as long as she could or trying to get around the orders given to her so that she didn’t do what they meant but literally what they told her which as you know can be irritating to the person who is giving the order… in the movie they made her where she immediately reacted like a puppet… like when she was jumping over a barrel and someone yelled freeze she froze in mid air… I mean this book isn’t necessarily so great literary novel… but the movie basically made a mockery of it and brought it to a ludicrous level to the point that some of my friends who saw the movie refused to read the book because it was just so awful… and any movie that can turn people away from reading is bad in my book…



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