Day 21- Your Favorite Book from Childhood

stoneThe Court of the Stone Children  by Eleanor Cameron   description:

Who is Dominique? When Nina first sees her in the French Museum, she senses that there is something unreal about the strange, beautiful girl. In fact, Domi is from Napolean’s time, and she has come to get Nina’s help. For Domi’s father was executed as a traitor during the French Revolution, and Domi is convinced that Nina can prove his innocence. But to save Domi’s father, Nina will have to solve a mystery that has lasted two centuries. And she will have to travel back through time, back to France and the court of the stone children…

Why this one?

I included the description to say that I’m not too happy with the one they show on goodreads… it makes it sound like she’s able to go back and stop his excecution… but what is really going on is that a museum curator is writing a book on Domi’s father and Domi wants to prove that her father was innocent of killing his wife… even though he never would give his alibi… but in some ways it does deal with time travel… but it’s more of the mind and this book looks into the meaning of dreams and in parts time does seem to collide as Nina hunts down information and finds that pieces from Domi’s home still hold memories attached to them… it’s definitely an interesting book and much more thought worthy than the description may make it seem… and considering it is written for a younger reading level I think it’s pretty amazing… I checked it out from the library more times than I could count and I just hunted down a copy no too long ago so I could finally own it for myself… this book definitely made an impact on me as a kid…





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