Day 22 – Favorite Villain from a Book

forbiddenOkay… well a good villain is one you don’t mind hating and so too evil to say this is my favorite… but the closest I could say is Julian from The Forbidden Game  by  L. J. Smith… though with him, he is a villain and does evil things but he isn’t as evil as the other Shadow Men… because Julian is a Shadow man and so in many ways inherently evil and a part of the game they love to play with humans… but he’s also the youngest and not so evil as the others… so I guess he’s my favorite because he’s a villain that has hope for turning good… and in many ways wants to be good because he wants Jenny to be his and to love him and that’s probably his winning quality… even though he’s screwing up their lives and basically attempting to kill them with their own fear… in some ways he just wants to be apart of their lives and really wants an escape from the Shadow World… you feel for him and even as you want Jenny and her friends to beat him you still kind of hope for better for him…


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