Day 24 – A Book that may have taken a couple of Reads to Get

godmakers catProbably anything by Robert A. Heinlein… I mean The Cat Who Walks Through Walls and Stranger in a Strange Land are a bit confusing to say the least… and yet extremely intriguing… but I’ll admit that I spent most of the time confused… I’m not even sure if reading it 10 more times will necessarily clear anything up… though it does make me wonder what Heinlein was like to think up such incredible things…

Frank Herbert though I think just liked to be confusing… his stories tend to be a bit convoluted with so many layers to them I don’t even know if he could make heads or tails of them… The Godmakers was the book that really got me into Herbert and I’ll admit to having to look up several words he used… not to complain… I don’t mind a book that has a thing or 2 to teach me… I finally found it again and I definitely need to reread it… but all his books are just so strange I wonder if there really is anything to get…


6 thoughts on “Day 24 – A Book that may have taken a couple of Reads to Get

    • one moment he’s figuring out from a weird word where they’ve hidden some ship… and the next he’s supposedly a god they’ve made… of course I read it several years ago and so reading it now it may make more sense to me… and seriously if That Cat Who Walks through Walls isn’t a little bit confusing to you… you’re far smarter than I am… which probably isn’t hard to be… but like the ending… WTF… it like came out of no where and honestly made no sense… and I just like elipses… it’s a habit I keep meaning to break and have yet to get around too…


      • You should break the habit 😉 It makes your writing incredibly hard on the eyes. And I imagine a person who falls asleep at the end of every spoken line. haha.

        As for The Godmakers, his transformation into a messiah figure is slow — over the course of the entire work. It was originally a series of short stories, hence the reason it feels cobbled together. And the reason why the first story seems rather disconnected from the rest.

        The Cat Who Walks Through Walls is complete crud. A work of utter self-indulgence… (see, limited usage). A definitely prefer Heinlein’s earlier novels.


      • I definitely have to reread The Godmakers, I mean I read that back in like 9th grade I think but like I said I just recently came across it again… and I seem to keep picking up the worst/weirdest of Heinlein it seems… though Farmer in the Sky was pretty good…

        I know… and thanks for that image… but I feel like I’ll be giving up a little part of me… but we all must grow… perhaps I’ll just keep it for comments… but if you check out any of my essays I post on here you can at least see I have a reasonable understanding of punctuations… 😀


      • That makes sense. I do not think it’s one of Herbert’s best non-Dune novels though (as my review points out). I actually preferred Herbert’s The Eyes of Heisenberg — among others.


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