Day 27 – The Most Surprising Plot Twist or Ending

threeThr3e  by  Ted Dekker has a crazy ending…

Once you get to the ending you see some clues that could’ve been picked up but I was probably as surprised as I’ve ever been in reading a book…  I wish I could say what was so amazing and great about the ending but I’d hate to ruin it for any one that has yet to read the book… but in many ways it’s also a big plot twist because everything you thought and everything this book was going towards go turned on it’s head several times over… and it really makes me love the book so much… but the problem with such endings that sometimes it makes it not as fun to read the book again unlike other stories where the adventure is the main part… here, knowing the ending really gives the book a whole different light and you’re not sure what to root for any more…

Skin  by  Ted Dekker as well was one twist after the next… I guess it’s just what he does…skin

Now this book was one twist after the next… and the ending was kind of like WTF… it also has a strange part that when I read it really didn’t make sense but after reading  Chosen  from The Lost Books series it made much more sense and it seems like perhaps several of his books tie together and so maybe one I haven’t come across yet help give this book a real ending because it ends but then it really doesn’t… perhaps the strangest of his books that I’ve come across… nothing feels real in this book and everything is tied together to the point you don’t know which way is up anymore… all the characters seem to have a secret and you begin to wonder who you can trust and who will survive… definitely a book to check out if you like ’em bizarre…



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