Day 29 – A Book that is Most like Your Life

That would be a rather boring book… not to complain about my life… I love my life… but someone who is married going to college and watches TV while occasionally doing her homework isn’t that exciting to read…

mona lisaAlthough I wouldn’t mind being kind of like Mona Lisa in the Monere: Children of the Moon series by Sunny… and no that has nothing to do with the painting Mona Lisa… but a lot to do with a half human half moon girl who is a queen in a society where queens are top dog and the men are just they’re minions… in so many sexy ways… yes, I am pervy like that… just saying… I wouldn’t say no to that… though her life seems to be full of more drama than I’d care to deal with but being able to turn into a Bengal tiger would be pretty cool too…married

Though Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas might be in some ways like my life… like the characters in this book, me and my husband didn’t exactly start out liking each other… I thought he was a huge asshole and he thought I was a crazy bitch… and then we fell in love and rode off into the sunset… it was beautiful… and really that might be my favorite book of the series, though Love in the Afternoon was pretty awesome too…


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