Day 30 – Your Favorite Book of all Time

The final day… I MADE IT!!!

I hate it though because through this I feel like I keep mentioning the same books over and over again and to some degree it’s because my favoritest books would be the ones that jump to mind the most and have my favorite whatevers in them… like this question today… my favorite book of all time of course is one of the books I’ve read again and again… after all if you love a book you more than likely would want to keep revisiting it… so sorry that I have the same answers as I did on that other post…

The Mad King by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Well not the exact same… I did leave the other 2 off… but I feel like I should mention a book that I have yet to talk about… but then I wouldn’t be answering honestly…

So how about a book I really like and just want to share with you…

catspellCatspell by Colleen Shannon…

This is a book that I’ve read several times but just not as many as the others I’ve mentioned… and it would at least be in my to 10 favorite books… somewhere in there… can’t say for sure which number… it’s interesting and definitely a different sort of story… it deals in the paranormal worlds, no vampires though there is a werewolf… and 2 men… one of light one of dark… but don’t think it’s easy to guess who is good and who is evil… you keep thinking you know what’s up and then… well you don’t… lol… and of course a girl trapped in the middle who is basically on the brink and she has to make sure she chooses right or she could basically be cursed forever… there’s a lot of Egyptian mythology in here which I really loved… and like I said it isn’t exactly the run of the mill stories you tend to come across in this genre…


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