Steals from the Rich and Gives to the Poor

Hood  by  Stephen R. Lawhead   description:

Robin Hood: The Legend Begins Anew

For centuries, the legend of Robin Hood and his band of thieves has captivated the imagination. Now the familiar tale takes on new life, fresh meaning, and an unexpected setting.

Hunted like an animal by Norman invaders, Bran ap Brychan, heir to the throne of Elfael, has abandoned his father’s kingdom and fled to the greenwood. There, in a primeval forest of the Welsh borders, danger surrounds him–for this woodland is a living, breathing entity with mysterious powers and secrets, and Bran must find a way to make it his own if he is to survive.

Steeped in Celtic mythology and the political intrigue of medieval Britain, Stephen R. Lawhead conjures up an ancient past and holds a mirror to contemporary realities. Prepare yourself for an epic tale that dares to shatter everything you thought you knew about Robin Hood

hoodBOOK 1: Hood    4 STARS

When I was reading this I found it amazing and exciting but I was also like why is it in Wales and what happened to Sherwood forest, and he’s supposedly a descendent of a Raven and nothing to do with a Robin… at the end of this book though Lawhead talks about all the research he did into Robin Hood and how it all began and the way this story has evolved over time and it made it make so much more sense and really gave me a new respect for the author for not just rewriting it because he felt like it but really delving more into the myth of Robin Hood… it still has the main characters from his Merry Men and it has the main goal of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor… this story is very interesting and does deal with mythology but not in the way of it actually having magic or anything unwordly going on… but it does refer to stories that are supposed to be like Bran’s family history, why they’re called King Raven, which is symbolic to the journey he’ll have to make… and also they do play of the superstitions of the local folk to help them steal and wreck havoc on the Norman invaders… it is exciting and adventurous and really a story for anybody… my only complaint is that it felt a bit long winded at times… there were times when I kind of had to take a break from the tale… but I never really tired of it and I always wanted to keep going to see how it would all come about… hopefully the story continues on in the series to grow and become even better than this book…


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