War with the Robots

War with the Robots  by  Isaac Asimov (editor)

28 of the best short stories by the greatest names in 20th Century science fiction, including Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Lester Del Rey, Poul Anderson, Philip K Dick, John Brunner and Harry Harrison.

robtsWar with the Robots    5 STARS

Despite its’ title, this isn’t all about any actual war with the robots. It is an amazing collection of short stories that vary from one extreme to the other and cover all the possible out comes of building intelligent robots. There are stories like “Robbie” by Isaac Asimov that show robots as being friendly companions, or “Robot’s Return” by Robert Moore Williams and “Though Dreamers Die” by Lester Del Rey which shows the former’s origin of a story about a world after humans are gone. There are those stories of warning, and those questions of what makes one human and what makes one robot. It is an anthology that reveals many views and plots so that each one is something new to be discovered, and honestly  makes you wish they were a bit longer, because the worlds that these authors create are so extraordinary and exciting. Even in the simplest of these tales there is that bit of wonder that makes this genre so intriguing and thought provoking. Though clearly a science fiction novel I hate to limit it to that one category, and say honestly anyone who enjoys a good fictitious read should pick this up and enjoy the ride.


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