Money Hungry Hoes

Okay I know what you’ll say, you’ll say I chose to spend my money, chose to keep buying, but well… I don’t care I’m going to still complain…

I read H. M. Ward’s Damaged series and loved it. It was a great series, and when I found out she had a series that actually collides with Damaged called The Arrangement I couldn’t wait to get it. It definitely seemed worth the $2.99 an ebook. After all good writing deserves money. I want to be paid for my work, and really $2.99 isn’t that much at all. $30 later the series isn’t over, and that’s where I know you’re like well you chose to spend, but who likes to start a series and not know how it ends? But that’s not what I’m complaining about, my complaint is that it shouldn’t be 10 books long. By the way it isn’t done yet, and it should’ve been more like 3… maybe. Ward basically wrote a book and then chopped it up into small short stories. I went through 4 books in only a few hours, and I’m a super slow reader. Ironic considering how much I read you’d think I’d be able to go faster, but alas I creep along. The endings of the books don’t even make sense for endings. The characters will be arguing, one will walk to the door and then the book will end. The next book begins with the character in the hall and the same argument going on. It’s the same story going through the whole series, and like I said it could’ve been 3 books possibly out of this series that would’ve made sense. But not 10. That is just some money hungry author who knows poor avid readers like me will get sucked in and feel compelled to keep buying. But even if it is my own fault for the money I spent, I still think it’s terrible than an author would do this.

I could understand if perhaps in the attempt to keep readers interest to put them out quickly in short stories like this, but then it would make more sense for them to be more like 99 cents. My real problem is that I do like the books and I want to give a good rating for them. but I can’t in good conscience say they’re worth this money. Not for an ebook that doesn’t cost anyone any money to put out. She put in the effort and she deserves to be paid for it but this is ridiculous.

I feel better now… good night…


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