Frustrated and Worried…

This past Spring semester I had a fairy tales class… and though I’ve always loved fairy tales and the retellings of them… after this class I really wanted to write my own retelling, after all we delved into the different stories and views and how it all began and changed over time… I had to write my own… as I’m worried may be my misfortune I began to write a book from the view of the character we know as Maleficent… and so of course it’s a sleeping beauty story… not long after that I heard about Maleficent, the movie being made by Disney right now… but I was like well the odds of it being at all like my story is slim to none… but now that I just watched a trailer I’m a bit worried…

the main idea behind it isn’t really like my story at all… in mine Morana… later to be known as Maleficent… isn’t evil but in fact predicts that Briar Rose will prick her finger and probably die… which of course gets her blamed because she’s a witch and all… she does have a bit of a downfall and things go from bad to worse and it is pretty much her fault even as she’s trying to fix things… so for the most part I would say my story is different… but there are some similarities I can draw just from that trailer… my worry is that the moment I put it out after that movie is shown is that I’ll be accused of just ripping off the movie… even if it’s ridiculous… but after being accused of ripping off Twilight with my book Immortal Longings it’s a legitimate concern… after all Immortal Longings has no humans, high schoolers, or sparkly vampires and yet I’ve been accused by a couple of people of doing just that…

I guess it’s just frustrating to know I have my own idea… though not 100% original considering it’s a retelling… but 100% my own writing… and I just know such will come my way… I also know I may be making a big ado about nothing… because none of it has happened yet… but well my blog has to be good for something so I guess venting my woes might as well be one of them…


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