Swimming Without a Net

BOOK 1: Swimming with the Fishes  by  Mary Janice Davidson

Swimming Without a Net   description:

As Fred the Mermaid tries to fit in with her own kind, she finds herself hooked on both Artur, the High Prince of the undersea realm, and Thomas, a hunky marine biologist. She’s also caught between two factions of merfolk: those happy with swimming under the radar-and those who want to bring their existence to the surface.

without a netBOOK 2:  Swimming Without a Net   3 STARS

this story was okay but not nearly as good as the first book… it was a typical middle book, basically building up for the big finale that is the 3rd book… The book is all centered around the merfolk trying to decide if they want to reveal themselves to the world or not… of course everyone from the first book is back and they’re staying at a resort and Thomas has a submarine so he can watch the merfolk swimming around… really not a lot going on… it’s still funny and not nearly as boring as I’m making it sound… but really this is like the book I guess you have to get through to get to the last book… which is great…


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