Anonymous Rex… RAWR!

Anonymous Rex  by  Eric Garcia    description:

Vincent Rubio, a Los Angeles private investigator, is broke, banned from the Council, and his basil addiction is out of control. His late partner Ernie was run down in New York while investigating wealthy married playboy McBride and his wife Judith. His next case, arson, leads to dying burn victim Donovan, crying “Judith” and “Jaycee”, ex-fiancee who vanished months after breaking up.

One other thing: Vincent is a Velociraptor. Dinosaurs faked their extinction, and wear disguises, Vince’s prone to falling off. Humans who discover the secret must be killed immediately. Dino’s strong odors and noses distinguish them. Vince is like a tasty Cuban cigar.

McBride, wife, and mistress Sarah, all wanted progeny. Vince follows Sarah to a Clinic where Dr Vallardo experiments illegally in cross-breeding, intra-dinosaurs and inter-humans. Informants turn up dead. X-rated: “undulation”, “grasp viscera”, slit throats, fights, action, suspense, humor. Will Vince end up in Herbaholics Anonymouse? a failure or a success

anonymousBOOK 1: Anonymous Rex   4 STARS

so you’re like dinosaurs disguised as humans living among us is ridiculous and cheesy… but Garcia manages to write a very intriguing detective novel that weaves in this dinosaur world that sounds realistic… they explain how they live among us, the personalities of different species, even what is like their drug (basil)… it’s interesting and exciting… the case is seriously just like one you’d find in any other detective novel… death that goes unsolved, mysterious occurrences, and a detective that isn’t going to let it be swept under the rug… the dinosaur angle just gives it one more layer and many more motives… Vincent has a little herbal problem and is struggling to move on from the death of his partner… even if he’s a Velociraptor he’s a very relateable character because he’s living in our world and has our problems…

the dinosaur side is a fully developed story that is seamlessly tied into our world… as the mystery develops so does their background story… I love how there are so many branches and beliefs within these people… and yet it’s told as just a kind of background story, like how you learn about any character… it really isn’t the forefront of the story because that is the murder case, but it’s all the flavor… such a great book and I really need to pick up the next one… hopefully it’s just as good…


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