Severed… the end…

BOOK 1:  Anathema  by  Megg Jensen

BOOK 2:  Oubliette

Severed   description:

Reychel knows her gift of prophecy will lead to madness and now she is at her most vulnerable. The enemy army will attempt to sever her from everything she’s ever known: her homeland, her friends, Mark, and her gift. Even at her weakest, she refuses to give up on her desire to end the war between the Malborn and the Serenians. Reychel would do anything, even come back from the dead, to conquer the enemy and reunite with Mark.

severedBOOK 3:  Severed  5 STARS

An amazing end to the trilogy. This is one of the few series I’ve read where I was constantly surprised, nothing is predictable, there are never ending twists and turns as one plan after another fails and changes, and the war becomes more than they thought it would be. Reychel does everything she thinks is right, but as things continue to go wrong she begins to question how right her choices really are, and whether they’re really her choices to make. You begin to see how it’s harder to keep everyone peaceful when there is a war at hand, and not allowing people to fight even as you’re just wanting them to stay good can be just as harmful, if not more, than allowing them to fall into violence. All I can say is if you’ve made it this far you have to keep going. The characters are all there and they continue to be as amazing as they have been in the first two books. This one was truly incredible, and I’m kind of mad at myself for blazing through the series so fast, but I’m glad to know Jensen has more books out there to read. Including the Swarm Trilogy that takes place in the same world and is apparently connected to this series through the book The Initiate.



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